Outside Magazine fact checks Boomershoot article

I just got off the phone with Christine Cyr from Outside Magazine who was doing some fact checking.  It sounds like Lisa Anne Auerbach, the writer who came out for her own private Boomershoot adventure, had the basics right.  I nit-picked on a bunch of minor stuff however.  She had describe the rifle she used as 300 Winchester with a Remington Action and a “mega scope“.  I corrected that to 300 Winchester Magnum with a Remington action and gave her a pass on the scope.  When we got stuck up against a tree near the Taj Mahal she had us on a road when the nearest road was actually 500 yards away.  She had us fishtailing when in fact it was a simple front end slide (but I didn’t bother to correct this).  She had us filling 3” tubes with explosives when the smallest were actually 4” tubes.  We did the clean up from about 20 yards away rather than 20 feet away.  I nitpicked on a few other minor things but generally I didn’t have a major problem with the facts as presented to me.  And as near as I can tell from the information I have the article is favorable.

It’s going to come out in the October issue rather than the September issue as previously indicated which means it will probably show up in mid September.  I’ll keep you posted.

[Update] Christine just called back.  Lisa was referring to the depth of the tube when she used the measurement of 3”.  This is correct for the 4” diameter tube.