Another beheading in the middle east

First off I need to say I was wrong about something. I implied that the worst our soldiers did in the Baghdad prison was to humiliate some prisoners. It turns out that wasn’t true. At least one actually died and there were some activities that bordered on torture. The people responsible are being punished. Compare that to the consequences to the scumbags killing innocent people. Are any of them being punished by their peers? Are any of them even being publically opposed by their peers?

It is my belief they will continue to kill innocents as long as there are mild or no consequences for their actions. I believe one solution would be to announce, and then follow through if necessary, that we will bomb a mosque every time they murder an innocent (non-military) person. As I said in a comment on the Kim duToit blog:

Leave no stone on top of another — hell don’t leave any stones — turn them all into dust and their fundamental molecular components and put that dust high into the wind. Don’t leave anything but a gaping crater behind. Let them know that as far as they are concerned we are their gods and that these gods have a fury and a fist they have never seen the equal of.

Do it 3:00 AM or some such time when the chances of mass casualties are reduced. But be sure we do it. They will fill their mosques with innocent women and children but we could chose the one with the minimum number of casualties and then the second and third time there will be far fewer willing to risk death to support the murders.