Shopping malls and cell phones

Interesting.  Very interesting.  It’s possible I had something to do with catching that guy.


Many in Columbus, Ohio, knew Nuradin M. Abdi as the owner of a cellular
telephone sales business.

But a federal indictment announced Monday accused Abdi, a native of
Somalia, of being an operative for the terror network al-Qaida whose
plans to blow up an unspecified Columbus-area shopping mall were
thwarted by his November arrest.

And from about 1.5 years ago:


Hey Joe,

Do you know anything about explosives that are detonated via


I think I’ve decided to (hypothetically) attack a mall since there’s
practically no security, they’re crowded, and they seem like the type of
target my chosen group would go after. I’d like to set off bombs in
several different key pubic areas, as well as some car-bombs in the
parking garage. The main goal of my terrorist group will be death and
destruction, but actually bringing down the building would be considered
a big plus. However, I know about as much about main building supports
as I do about explosives, so I still have a lot of research to do.


From: FBI Internet Tips
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 8:25 AM
Subject: FBI Response

Thank you for your tip to the FBI Internet Tip Line. It is being
evaluated for it’s strategic value, and will be disseminated, if
appropriate, for further action. It is the policy of the FBI to not
provide results of that evaluation or action to the providers of


David N. Rushing/jbv
Supervisory Special Agent
FBI Headquarters
Washington, DC


3 thoughts on “Shopping malls and cell phones

  1. two things; once this gets to court, you’ll know if it was you. And if it was you, you may have just bumped yourself up the list of targets for al-taco.

  2. Thinking out loud here… Are you sure? Anonymous tips aren’t possible? Must they reveal the entire chain of evidence? I suppose the defense attourney can get any info the prosecution has so if it wasn’t anonymous to begin with then they can’t hide the source later…

    It was a form like this I filed out before:

  3. if the dates line up, that’s all that matters. There would be verbiage in the filings like ‘was brought to attention via anonymous tipster’, not ‘this guy here did this and that’. If they took a sudden interest and the investigation started two days after the tip, what would be reasonable to conclude?

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