Outside magazine for a Boomershoot Adventure

A writer for Outside magazine will be showing up in Moscow tonight.  Tomorrow Ry and I take her on a Boomershoot adventure.  What the editor wanted her to do was attend Boomershoot 2004 but they just missed that.  The weather sounds like it will be on the good side of typical for a Boomershoot. 

Mostly cloudy and breezy with a shower or thunderstorm in the area
High 67° F
Maximum RealFeel® 65° F
RealFeel Shade® 63° F
Winds N at 9 mph
Wind Gusts 19 mph
Maximum UV 4
Thunderstorm Probability 25%
Amount of Precipitation 0.24 in
Amount of Rain 0.24 in
Amount of Snow 0 in
Hours of Precipitation 2
Hours of Rain 2

Most Boomershoots have more rain (and/or snow and hail).  Wind is about normal — well into the obnoxious range but not into the impossible range.  Temperature is a bit above normal.  But the writer is from Los Angles so a bit above normal temperatures will be a good thing.