On the home stretch for Boomershoot 2004

I almost have the last of the supplies for Boomershoot 2004.  I may need a few more stakes to mount the targets on and I know I need to buy a 100 or so brown paper lunch sacks.  I won’t know about the stakes until Sunday when I do an inventory.  This Sunday May 1st we will also start manufacturing the first targets.  We will be testing new tools and techniques for mass production.  Then on Thursday May 6th with the methods prefected some we will finish off the targets needed for Friday.  Friday things will open with booms and fireballs (I hope).  It is always my fear the targets will be duds on the day of the event.  But it has always been just a fear, sort of like Ry’s nightmares, more imagination than reality.  We are changing things again this year.  We have new containers for the targets, a new target mounting method, a new shooting position, and a new mixing process.  We think everything is an improvement, but one never knows until we do the actual event.

Oh, one last item that is isn’t in place, but I am assured will be soon is that my generator still hasn’t come back from the repair shop.  Friday morning they said it would be done that day, but they never called back.  I’ll call them today to see what the status is. I have a backup plan if it doesn’t come through but one is always concerned when you are running on backups — there is no room for errors.


2 thoughts on “On the home stretch for Boomershoot 2004

  1. Lyle pointed out that nightmares are far better than just blithely walking into something.

    My first Boomershoot, I couldn’t sleep the night before. About 0130 I decided to start packing up. My guns and ammo were in three locations (home, office, van) and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I took the MAK-90 as a fluke, more for cleanup at the end of the day than anything else.

    Of course, it was the MAK-90 with which I hit my only target. I failed my Ruger M77 in 300 win mag — not enough practice, not enough of the right ammo, blah blah.

    Now that we’re thinking about all this stuff all the time for months in advance (how long between first contact and first product for the target bodies? how long from the first discussions of the Taj to certification?), my only question is — what have I missed?

    Other than targets, that is. I’m pretty good at that!

  2. The first target bodies were received about the middle of November. We probably started talking about them and doing the preliminary tests on the concrete forms you bought about the first of November. Actual tests on the final product were probably in December. We still haven’t tested the 6″ and 8″ targets. We probably will do that this Sunday to make sure my spacing calculations were accurate.

    First discussion of the Taj to certification was about 14 months — IIRC.

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