STILL more repairs — Jeep and pickup

Kim called last night.  The pickup is leaking radiator fluid and big clouds of water vapor come out from under the hood.  I asked where she was and if it was overheating.  She was in town and it wasn’t overheating.  I told her to park it at the auto repair shop and tell them about the starter problems too.

A couple hours later Barb calls to tell me when she had the oil changed in the Jeep they told her it was leaking radiator fluid.  Not as bad as the pickup apparently.  I had her make an appointment with the same repair shop for Friday.  I’ll take a look at it tonight and if I can fix it easily we’ll cancel the appointment.  In the mean time Barb will use the van to go to work.  I’ll be on foot again this Friday as I handle getting all the repairs done.

I wonder what’s next…