Boomershoot update

Ry had done some very promising tests with a new explosive mix a week ago Sunday.  It looked like there was probably a way to eliminate the potassium chlorate from our mix.  We went to the range this last Sunday to tweak it a little and improve things just enough to meet our needs.  It was a failure.  We couldn’t even reproduce his results from the previous week.  We are 8.5 weeks from the event and we are out of time to experiment.  I decided we needed to order all the materials for the stuff we knew would work and did so this morning.  Containers, chemicals, everything with a lead time associated with it is now on order.

The ATFE inspector is scheduled to come out before the end of March to “bless” the new magazine.  We will be able to store stuff in it immediately after the (successful) inspection. 

I talked to my brother Doug this evening who says a lot of the snow has melted off, so the grass we planted last fall could start growing almost anytime.  If we get some good warm weather between now and the boomershoot (May 6, 7, & 8) then the new grass on the new shooting positions might actually be useable.


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  1. All I have to say is I’m really bummed we couldn’t reproduce the results.

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