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Putin stokes tensions with US, declares 1867 sale of Alaska ‘illegal’ (

Vladimir Putin appears to have rethought the sale of Alaska to the Americans. It’s not a joke: he’s trying to give the impression that his influence extends not only to his country’s future events but also plans to rewrite the past. Therefore, he signed a decree rendering the sale of Alaska illegal.

Perhaps General Patton had it right when he wanted to continue east after Germany surrendered in 1945. A few months later the US would have nukes and other serious firepower on Russia’s eastern front. That would have effected some serious attitude adjustment and made the world a much different and probably better place.

Now… I just want my underground bunker in Idaho.


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  1. That would be Russia’s Western front, their Eastern front faces the Pacific Ocean.

    • The allies had contact with the western front at the time of the German surrender. A few months later, after the Japanese surrender, we would have nukes ready and the Pacific fleet available for action on the Russian eastern front.

  2. Showing that Putin, unlike the wokescolds of Clown World, understands history and has a sense of humor.

    • Yes. Likely true (“illegal”, strictly speaking, like much of what governments did then and now), and a sense of humor, as this would only have relevance if Alaska held a referendum with results simlar to that of the donbas. Not unthinkable, especially as things get more clownish, but not likely.

  3. I’m fairly confident, based on their performance in Ukraine, that the Russian army and their demonstrated logistical capabilities can’t stand up to Alaskans.

    Not the Alaska Army National Guard. Just regular Alaskans, and their everyday high velocity bear repellant.

    • Russia has, so far, killed over a million Ukrainians on the battlefield. That’s 10% of Ukraine’s adult male population.
      Ukraine is now conscripting young women and old men off the streets, throwing a uniform on them, and shipping them off to the front after two days of “training”. They’re told they’ll find a rifle at the front.

      • For a country that bought the “give up your nukes and we’ll guarantee your security” line, and had to put together a defending army from scratch, that’s about what you can expect as a result.

        Russia can just about manage to invade a neighbor that they can drive into. They’d have done better if their military cargo trucks’ wheels weren’t shredding from never being driven by the logistics officers that were in charge of maintaining them.

        To invade Alaska, they’ll need to do an amphibious and/or air assault, capture intact a seaport and/or airport, and keep the supplies flowing continuously into those beachheads to support their troops advancing, and keep those loggie facilities from getting wrecked.

        I’m not sure if you read about the condition of the Moskva when it was sunk, but only one of its air defense systems was working, because they had cannibalized the other systems to get it up and running, but they couldn’t operate it at the same time as their communications suite. For our point of view, the Russian Navy, outside of their submarines, currently works in every-but-Russia’s favor because it soaks up money for very little effective combat power. But you can’t take a port with a submarine. Blow it up, yes, but not take it intact.

        Their fighters apparently can’t interoperate with their troops, and their pilots aren’t proficient enough to fly in two-ships that can defend each other, so they all fly as vulnerable singletons. If Wikipedia is accurate, they have about 140 Il-76s of various types, not including their dwindling numbers of A-50s, and their tail guns are not exactly going to be effective versus AMRAAMs fired from F-22s they can’t see. If they land, Alaskans with scoped rifles could put bullet holes in engine nacelles and fill up an airport with airlift that can’t take off again.

        To be sure, they could attack, but on the off-chance they can take, they certainly can’t keep.

        • Not saying Russia doesn’t have it’s problems. But I would say their doing better with their border than we are with ours.
          Ukraine/Mexico being a apples/apples comparison.
          I don’t see them being invaded anytime soon either. Do you?
          And their learning, we ain’t.
          Their leadership is at least trying to build themselves up. While our’s is doing what?
          F-22 and missiles are great. Till the industry that makes/maintains/ supplies parts for them goes woke. While their being used up and fired all over the world in a dozen different wars.
          Putin won’t need to invade. He’s just telling the oligarchs who owns it now.
          Lavrov said; “We couldn’t afford Swiss cheese. So we figured out how to make it ourselves.”
          Think Alaskans will be willing to trade in Rubles for Russian made whole milk Swiss cheese? Or fight them to trade for bugs in CBDC?

          • Good points.

            Perhaps a “donbas” referendum in Alaska isn’t all that far-fetched after all.

        • “If they land, Alaskans with scoped rifles could put bullet holes in engine nacelles and fill up an airport with airlift that can’t take off again.”

          That’s an important point, and just as useful a technique against equipment other than “aircraft supporting a Russian invasion.”

          Those old, musty .30-06s bolties gathering dust in closets can live again ! Take yours out today and zero it at 400 meters. And if that dust-gatherer is something in .338, so much the better.

  4. That’s brilliant. As soon as we go down the way the WEF commies are planning.(Which we are, with no way or will to stop.)
    Russia will be able to secure both their Bering sea trade route for oil and Natgas shipping. And the fisheries the Chinese and Orientals are so dependent on.
    Like it or not. Putin is the only world leader fighting trans-human communism. And the only world leader that understands the system WEF is building is going to fail, in spades, and is doing something to secure his people.
    Everything in Ukraine was started and manipulated by us to control and destroy Russia. Has anyone else noticed that Russia controls exactly what he said he wanted to control?
    And no one has been able to push him out, have they? All he has to do is hold that which he wants while the WEF finishes US/EU off. China goes into deep recession without our market to sale their crap to. And Russia will own the top half of the world with no one to stop them.
    Food, industry, resources, and military control.
    And the people of Alaska, being as independent as they are? Will be more than willing to trade in gold, furs, Rubles, etc.. Rather than ultra-controlled CBDC. We thinking a bunch of fishermen that can’t get fuel and supplies from the lower 48 control freaks, aren’t going to be willing to trade in Rubles?
    It always going to be about who shows up with a load of grub, willing to trade.
    Alaskans aren’t going to care.
    Folks, it’s over down here. Except the crying and dying. And a long way, (if ever), before we get back to being an honest nation. (Government and agreement wise.)
    Putin doesn’t have to take Alaska back. We handed it to him on a platter.
    If I were younger I would consider moving there right now. It’s guaranteed to be freer than the lower 48 soon.

    • Didn’t take you for a Vatnik.

      Literally everything you posted is Russian propaganda or demoralized defeatism garbage. The United States has its problems however you don’t think Russia does? Have you seen the state of the Russian economy? Have you watched any YouTube videos at all that explain what’s going on with the Russian economy right now. Or are they all propagandists? Almost no one wants to use the ruble. And if you say it’s the strongest currency then you haven’t really been paying attention they kind of currency controls Russia has been implementing and how much long-term damage that will yield. It may not be as apparent now but give it another 2 or 5 years. Did you know that China and India want Russian oil but will only pay in rupees or Yuan? And that Russian oil extraction is dependent on Western technology? Technology they don’t have access to any more because everyone left. And they’re having a cell that oil at a steep discount they can keep the pumps running because if they shut them down they may not turn back on again? Yeah, the Russian military is doing so well they’re having to basically conscript people and then beg for foreigners to come in and fight for them. The military is so powerful that they’re having to import weapons and ammunition from North Korea. Have you seen pictures of the Russian military equipment yards that used to be full of tanks and personnel carriers? they are losing equipment 300% faster than they can make it. And they can’t get their hands on the components to make more because the military was reliant on western technology. If Russia is such a wonderful place why have over 1 million of the better off educated people fled?

      And Putin is such a wonderful person. After all to you he must be the greatest man to ever live and the greatest political leader to ever currently be alive. Even though he kills his opposition and we definitely know he’s doing that. He’s spent his life enriching himself. He is basically a United States politician on super steroids when it comes to the amount of corruption and enrichment he does. Putin is probably one of the richest men if not the richest man in the world with a literal one billion dollar palace and yet the majority of people in Russia live in poverty. and because so many people are dead or have fled they can’t find qualified people to do the work. Employers are having to offer a lot more in terms of pay to attract workers because there’s actually a deficiency in the amount of qualified and skilled workers because they’ve all been sent to Ukraine to die or they have fled.

      Again you’re just a Vatnik.

  5. Random thought: How much of the justification for the Russia-Ukraine brew-up was Putin’s knowledge of Ukraine’s money laundering function for U.S. politicians? And, the “secret labs we can’t do in Nevada” thing?

    Impacting both of those – plus whatever else was going on in Ukraine with U.S. money that we haven’t learned about yet, and maybe never will – constituted a negative effect on “his opposition.” Sure, land area as a buffer against the idiots in NATO is a worthwhile reason, but I’m wondering what else did he know that clinched the deal.

    • Russian claims that there were over 40 American bio labs in Ukraine. That is Russian disinformation and false. Russia is very good at disinformation and propaganda.

      Why would Putin had needed a buffer against NATO pre invasion? How much western business monies had been invested in Russia pre-invasion? pre-2022 what were the chances that United States or NATO would invade Russia? And it’s not like Russia didn’t want western money. Almost all the oil and gas extraction going on in Russia is being done by equipment that western companies put in there. Russia pre-2022 loved foreign investment and wanted people from the west coming in with their knowledge and expertise.

      What happened in Russia is the equivalent of what happened in the United States: Putin’s advisors told him that Ukraine was weak and would fall in a week at most and they would have totally conquered the country and captured Kyiv. And they were wrong. Putin expected a quick victory and a weak response from the west. Western militaries including the United States military thought Ukraine would collapse in a week at most. They were wrong as well. Ukraine subverted the expectations of pretty much everyone.

      And what was Ukraine actually doing to harm Russia pre-invasion? They elected a guy that wasn’t pro Russia? They kicked out a guy that wasn’t pro Russia?

      As it currently stands the Russian military has no chance against the combined forces of NATO. All Russia has is nuclear weapons. That’s the only reason the rest of NATO didn’t get involved. Russia is supposedly the 2nd most powerful military in the world. And they got stopped by the 18th. And while Ukraine has been supplied militarily they are not getting the most advanced stuff. Most of the military equipment being sent to Ukraine by the United States is actually considered older. The United States military by law hast to keep certain minimum quantities of weapons and supplies. The United States armed industry makes new stuff, put it in the United States military stock pile and rotates out the old stuff. Russia’s goal was to conquer all of Ukraine in less than a week. And because they couldn’t because they got stopped by the equivalent of the Ukrainian national guard not the actual formal military they change their goals from conquering all of Ukraine to just certain parts of Ukraine. and the majority of this money going to Ukraine is not actually money; it’s equipment, supplies, training, etc.

      Meanwhile Russia is losing literally around 1000 men a day. 90% of their modern tanks and swathes of equipment. Ukraine who does not have a navy has essentially crippled the Russian Navy in the Black Sea. Sunk their Black Sea flag ship.

      There are a lot of people that know a lot more about what is going on than we do. If you believe what Russia says, and maybe you don’t watch Russian state media, I’ve seen clips about the insane things they spew.

      • Vatnik? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahh, that’s some funny shit right there. What, no Putin stooge?
        With just enough truth mixed in to almost sound believable, Shawn.
        The problem is that no matter what condition Russia is in. Nor the rest of the world for that matter. Were in much worse.
        This is what we know for sure. Russia is gaining and holding ground. And ain’t no foreign troops marching INTO Russia.
        How ’bout us? Over a division of fighting age males coming in DAILY. And the SCOTUS just said were not allowed to stop them. (and they pay them more than I get on SS-R, after close to 40 years at hard labor.)
        Almost the entire upper half of our leadership are committing treason. In Russia they are shooting traitors.
        How ’bout us?
        Anyone that reads a little passed the bullshit of all this will know that NATO in Ukraine was a red line no Russian leader was going to allow. And told us so since the collapse of the Soviet union. We lied to them this whole time that NATO would not move east.
        We didn’t let Russia put missiles in Cuba, did we? We wouldn’t have let the Chinese put missiles on the Mexican border back then either. (All bet’s are off today.)
        I have often puzzled over how empires die.
        Thanks for the answer.
        Were being invaded, drugged/murdered, business be robbed for the fun of it. Vaxxed to death by our own government. (Which they wouldn’t make invaders take cause their “not planning on staying”.)
        Not one metric received from our government about what is actually happening to us is truthful. Not one.
        And you think I’m a Vatnik? I’m a realist.
        And I would bet you a $100 dollars to a horse turd we collapse before Russia does.
        You see Russia paying for trans-gender operations for their troops? Or anyone in Russia?
        What we have in common is that neither of us know shit about Putin or Russia but this. Putin is KGB. Which makes him ruthless. But also allows him to know how communism is used to destroy societies.
        Notice the things he refuses to allow in Russia. That were going whole hog on?
        No matter what shape he’s in. Were going to be where Russia was 50 years ago real soon.
        Sorry you can’t see that. And like I said, thanks for showing me how empires die.

        • If you love Russia so much and view the total permanent collapse of the United Stares inevitable I have a question? Why? Why haven’t you moved there? That question also applies if not just if you live in the United States but anywhere except Russia.

          I know that that is the kind of question one would expect but I am serious. According to you the United States is in such horrible shape that you seem to expect nothing less than the complete and total permanent collapse and ruination of the United States on every level and have the same view when it comes to pretty much most western nations. That Russia is poised to become the greatest superpower in the world surpassing the United States on every single solitary conceivable level and will have the most powerful military, economy and a prosperous people. Ignoring how the Russian people were and to an extent still are since the fall of the USSR.

          Again, you shit on the United States and all the things going on but you then turn around and don’t critique literally anything bad in Russia and don’t address the problems THEY have. But according to you Russia has no problems at all and are poised to begin a golden age of prosperity. I can acknowledge that the United States has issues with the border, with the government, with the economy, etc. I’m not disregarding those issues I’m finding it ridiculous that you’re disregarding all the issues Russia has and you think they will be easily able to overcome the issues they have. Have you done a Have you done any serious research on the state of the Russian economy at this point? Russia has lost over 300,000 men. Losing near and sometime over 1,000 men a day. And the ones not dead how are they going to contribute to the wonderful Russian economy? Over 1 million have fled Russia. Russia has lost 90% of their modern tanks. They are losing equipment four times faster than they can make it to the point of buying stuff from North Korea. They’re having equipment bottlenecks because they can’t get the western tech that they used in their own unitary equipment. Russia has and still is heavily reliant on western imports of technology. Their Black Sea fleet in is shambles. The ruble is suffering to the point of becoming a dead currency that no one else wants to use. Including India and china which are the ONLY major trading partners they have anymore besides an handful of other neighboring countries. With India and china refusing to take payment in rubles for Russian exports. To the point russia may be paying India in rupees to have the Russian military be supplied by India. All these countries that have purchased Russian military equipment and technology for the military are seriously rethinking decisions based on their performance in Ukraine. Or I guess those massive columns of wrecked Russian armored columns are all Photoshop.

          If Russia is as powerful as you say they are why didn’t they conquer Ukraine in three days. Before it didn’t happen and they shifted the goalposts that is. The Russian government said it would have conquered all of Ukraine including Kyiv in 4 days. A week at best. That didn’t happen.

          You are looking through rose colored glasses. You look at EVERY negative about the United States and view Russia in only a positive light. If Russia is set up to become the most prosperous country on the entire world with the most prosperous people and the best economy in the world with the most powerful military that could of the wanted to conquer all of Ukraine, all of Europe, take back Alaska etc. how are they going to do it? Russia has been reliant on Western investments since the 1990’s. Those are gone. Other than a handful of countries the world at large has turned there back to Russia. The ruble is being looked at as a dead currency and they don’t have the political power to force the countries that they still do business with to use it.

          Again I ask: why have you not moved to Russia if you’re not already there? How is Russia going to fix all the problems that they have right now? But I guess to you everything is hunky-dory in Russia.

          • I don’t think this is “loving russia” so much as it is loving reality… or truth…

            I choose freedom… or death… we’ll see.
            I therefore cannot choose Russia or the present sans constitution occupational government running the states. Not a Putin fan.

            I’m a fan of *truth*… “reality” that stuff that doesn’t go away when you stop believing it it. Like how Russia and the ruble have gotten *stronger* after the sanctions, and the dollar had gotten weaker.

            You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts. No matter how evil or corrupt Putin or Russia may be, the facts are that they are winning on nearly all fronts.

            You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

    • Russia’s justification for invasion was 8 years of clear treaty violations by Ukraine, such as shelling Russian villages, killing over 40,000 Russian civilians. That’s after Ukraine outlawed the Russian language and culture and purged ethnic Russians (a third of their population) from the government. The Ukrainians actually burned Russian books and magazines. Don’t forget when they banned the Russian orthodox church – and Zelensky’s recent attempt to ban the Ukrainian orthodox church.

  6. Alaska? No. Canada? Sure. Except for Quebec.

    They are no longer the north strong and free. Might as well let the Russians have it.

  7. How is Russia “winning on all fronts”? I want to know. You say these things but don’t actually back them. Or I am given vague platitudes.

    How is Russia winning the war in Ukraine? I guess if you don’t pay attention to the losses that makes sense. How is the Ruble strong? How is the Russian economy strong? How is Russia going to be the most powerful nation in the world militarily and economically?

    In February 2022 Russia was intending to conquer all of Ukraine in 3 days. 7 at worst. According to the Russian state media and government. It has been 698 at the time I write this comment. This is a FACT. But like liberals they and you move the goalposts. ‘Russia achieved its intended goals’ my ass. More like Russia has one goal, failed at it miserably, gaslit everyone and changed what they wanted. How is losing 1,000 men a day “winning”? How is losing 2/3rds of your military hardware winning? How is losing all your best soldiers and now sending conscripts with little to no training “winning”? How is buying artillery shells from North Korea winning? How is losing your best and brightest and physically capable as you send them to their deaths with millions trying to get out winning? Where are the T-14’s? Again Russia was (past tense) the 2nd most powerful military in the entire world to the point that people thought they could go toe to toe with not just the entire United States military but the FULL backing of ALL of NATO at 100% strength and either win or barely lose. Something people STILL think they can do. Then russia goes up against the 18th most powerful military. The 18th. And Ukraine fights them to standstill. And in order for Russia to gain territory they have to throw literally tens of thousands to there death or dismemberment. And the 18th was BEFORE Russia invaded Ukraine. They were not even in the top 20 in 2021. And while Russia gains meters of territory they lose thousand upon thousands of men doing it and dozens if not hundreds pieces of equipment. Russia has lost over EIGHTY percent of the total number of active-duty ground troops it had prior to launching its invasion of Ukraine and TWO-THIRDS of its pre-invasion tanks. How is this winning? I guess you have the same expectation Putin does is that the United States and NATO will simply run out of money and equipment to give. You are saying Russia’s currency is strong. How? How is Russia going to take over Alaska? You really think Alaska is just going to capitulate like that. They don’t share a land border. You also don’t have rail lines going into Alaska from Russia. Considering the state of the moskva, which was their flagship before the Ukranians sunk it I wonder the condition of the rest of the Russian navy ships. They have lost so many troop transport plane they have been using AN-2 biplanes. How is Russia going to take over all the things you say they are going to take over? The question is “HOW?” You say it is reality but you give no data points to back up your “reality”. I have given you the current “reality” of what is going on. I am then told I am ignoring reality and that Russia is inevitably going to not just win in Ukraine but in everything they do everywhere with little to no failure. Here’s a thought experiment: What happens to Russia when (and the question is when, not if) the oil and natural gas stops flowing when the equipment they use to pump it; equipment that was made and installed by Western corporations who left by the way and won’t supply parts and the technicians who came over to install and work on them are long gone start failing? Those machines need maintenance. Maintenance they are going to struggle to provide. Here is another point that is going to be ignored: you turn off those oil and natural gas pumps in a very cold environment they may never turn on again. The technology is gone and the educated people have either fled or are dead.

    I give statistics and facts as to what is going on. Every point I made is glossed over and ignored. Not just what is gong on In Urkaine but the state of the Russian military, economy and the people. You people remind me of the Russian bots on Youtube comment sections. Every single thing; every single thing I have said and point I have made has been ignored and disregarded or maybe given lip service with no counterargument all the while I am given claims with no backing and gaslit while basically saying “Russia strong”, “Russia winning” “The United States is going to collapse” etc. I would not even consider this an argument or debate at this point.

    • Fair enough… I only supported how they won the “sanctions war”… unless you contest that the ruble is higher or that the dollar is lower…. ? I’ll try to respond to each of your points.

      “winning the war”.. expressed as percentage of GDP, Russias losses are a tiny fraction of that of NATO in this war, much less Ukraine. Losses are far more significant when the are not easily replenished, as is true in the US and NATO, due to energy scarceness (euro) and engergy scuttling (US), and general decline of “meritocracy” (both). Russia has kept the war to a slow enough pace that it has depleted the war resources of NATO, while their own resources are growing due to manufacturing increases which are not available to NATO for reasons mentioned above.

      “How is the Ruble strong? How is the Russian economy strong?” Ok , *these* are platitudes. I said no such thing. I said only that they gained in strength (after a short initial decline) after the sanctions. That’s objectively measurable, and not publicly disputed in the financial world.

      “How is Russia going to be the most powerful nation in the world” That’s pure hyperbole. Who said that?

      “In February 2022 Russia was intending to conquer all of Ukraine in 3 days” Worse than hyperbole: pure NATO propaganda. Russia never even intimated anything of the sort. I did hear many a western source make such claims though. Did you go to russian sites to see what they *actually* said? They said that they intended to accept the (second) referendum of the donbas territories and “repatriate” them, due to the 9 years of their being bombed for supporting their own language an heritage against a Victoria Nuland backed coup goverment (ousting a democratically elected president) whos member outlawed the use of the Russian language native the eastern Ukraine, while parading the streets roman saluting, while displaying actual swatsikas…. which was *their* heritage, as their grandfathers had suppported the Nazis in their war against russia. Said grandfathers were just taking revenge for having been ousted by the Bolsheviks (who were never a majority) as they were the Tzars cosak enforcers… themselves greatly hated for their treatment of russian peasants.

      Yeah, it’s all fucked up. Been that way for *awhile* but it’s not simple, and there’s plenty of “blame” to go around.

      18th??? really? After they *lied* about the Minsk accords (admitting so later) to buy time to pump BILLIONS into building a massive army. Now you’re just being disengenuous.

      The US and NATO have *already* run out of munitions to give. We just print the money, but that’s pushing hyperinflation now.

      Ok.. I’m going to stop now… I think you’re just channelling Aesop.
      I don’t think you’re serious.

    • “If you love Russia so much and view the total permanent collapse of the United Stares inevitable I have a question? Why? Why haven’t you moved there? That question also applies if not just if you live in the United States but anywhere except Russia.”
      Who said anything about loving Russia? Putin or anything in or about Russia?
      And with the amount of labor I put in building and maintaining America? I certainly earned the right to criticize the place.
      “Why?” Is America going to fail? Because no country or empire can withstand the amount of treason we have going on here.
      “I give statistics and facts as to what is going on. Every point I made is glossed over and ignored.”
      Cause it ain’t about Russia. Or if their just a third-world country with a gas station.
      The WEF and your own government are the one’s saying they’re going to put you in a box, fed you bugs and drugs till your dead. Their the one’s that want you dead. Not Putin.
      Like I said, he’s just telling China and the like, once that happens. He gets Alaska back.
      It doesn’t matter if he used America tech and money to build his Artic circle NatGas fields and icebreaking tanker fleet. Which he did.
      What matters to him is in a world of ruthless motherf–ckers, (Which is all there is, and that’s going to be in the world to come.) he’s going to need to protect his Bering sea trade route to Asia. (His only true choke point.)
      “I would not even consider this an argument or debate at this point.”
      What you haven’t considered is exactly why empires die. They can’t take the same critical eye to themselves they do to everyone else.
      That whole Sun Tzu thing about knowing yourself as well as your enemy?
      Hubris, hypocrisy, theft, treason are why we soon aren’t going to have a nation to debate over. Putin and the rest of the world know it. Most have already lived through it. Hell, Putin’s KGB designed it. And helped set it in motion here. And they know what stage of collapse were in.
      Saying he owns Alaska is just prudent planning. He don’t have to move troops in next week.
      What we argue over don’t mean shit to the real world.
      Not any more.

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