Zuckerberg’s Underground Bunker

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If anybody has enough money to insulate himself from the damage created for society, it would be Zuck. That’s sort of what it is. He’s destroyed the government and society, and now he can go to Hawaii and build a fort.

Douglass Rushkoff
Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Top-Secret Hawaii Compound

From the same article:

The cost rivals that of the largest private, personal construction projects in human history. Building permits put the price tag for the main construction at around $100 million, in addition to $170 million in land purchases, but this is likely an underestimate.

I wonder why he thinks he needs something like that?

From Zero Hedge’s article on Zuckerberg’s bunker:

Other billionaires, like PayPal and Palantir founder Peter Thiel, have built or been planning doomsday bunkers in remote places worldwide.

There are several reasons why billionaires feel worried about the future and are compelled to build doomsday bunkers, some of which include spillover risks of the Russia-Ukraine war, possible regional conflict in the Middle East, imploding Western cities into crime-ridden hellholes, the surge in illegal migrants across West, deteriorating financial conditions in the West, and the list goes on and on.

My bunker does not compare.


14 thoughts on “Zuckerberg’s Underground Bunker

  1. We’ve had a brief break from history, and for a short time, we were able to go about building homes and buying real estate without concerning ourselves about the defensive qualities of the structures vis-a-vis ground-based siege.

    We now return you to the regularly scheduled concerns about flammability, resistance to ramming, ground accessible windows, sturdiness of doors and arcs of fire.

  2. Having a place to hide yourself and your loved ones. Keep your food stores dry and protected is just prudent planning in this world.
    But people that rich never seem to get it. You can survive in a bunker, for a while. (Unless someone decides to root you out.) But you have to live in the world.
    So basically they are trying to hide from that which they themselves have created. Why not use your money and power to make a place/country where you won’t need a bunker?
    I mean were never going to have anything, anywhere near some kind of utopia. But damn, spending all that money to build something you need to hide from?
    It’s the Charlie Manson syndrome. Start a race war that rages while you hide away. Then you emerge to run the world afterward. I guess?
    Zucky and friends should ask the Branch Davidians how well bunkers work. Some of those children choked so hard they broke their own bones.
    “Fixed fortifications are a monument to man’s vanity.” Life is a war, all war is mobile.
    Rich and poor alike should heed God’s word. Or at least Jim Morrison’s? “No one here. Gets out alive.”
    Plan accordingly. Even though almost no plan survives first contact.

  3. Does Mr Zuckerberg have the means to safely travel from California to Hawaii and does he have a supply plan for his island fortress? Bunkers are all well and good but you need a plan to get there and a plan to survive beyond the 90 days of canned food. I think a list of billionaire bunker locations and instructions for building concrete penetrating shaped charges would be in amusing samizdat publication. Loot drops of the rich and famous. Runway cratering 101 and locations of private jet facilities in Silicon Valley would be a useful appendix.

    • To paraphrase something from Terry Pratchett’s Jingo:

      If your enemy is protected by an impenetrable fortress, make sure he stays in there.

  4. Unless the whole bunker thing is a diversion and his real plan is a 12X20 shack in the Utah desert.

    A solid gold 12X20 shack with platinum accents, to be sure, but….

  5. That dog shit of a human is directly..Responsible for alot of this mess.
    And he should Pay DEARLY for it. Perhaps not his kids….but he and his steamed dumpling are guilty as the day is long.

    • Eh… he’s gotta pay a lot of blue collar guys to get his villain fortress built.

      A lot of guys that are going to be willing to say, “Dude… he hasn’t invested enough in an independent water source”, or “Yeah, that could be a 365 day food stash, if he hadn’t bought a bunch of things that aren’t good past 90 days” or “He has underground fuel storage for years… if it was all diesel. His gasoline stocks are wasted within 120 days.”

      Prepping for a siege takes a lot more than just trivial analysis of your long term logistics.

  6. A few years back, the favourite locale for the rich/famous clowns to build “retirement” villas was on New Zealand. When that was brought to the local politicians public attention, the pols mandated requirements that cooled the clowns attraction for that idea. I don’t recall any details, but I think the idea that a bunch of people that could afford to buy the entire island wanted to take up residence scared them. They are heavy socialists in charge there, but money talks really loudly in the case of the clowns.

    There are islands in Hawaii that aren’t actually populated, but used as cattle ranches. If I was Zucki, I’d buy one or more.

  7. To a large extent it is rich guy dick measuring, If billionaire A has a 4500sq ft bug out bunker, billionaire B will build one that is 5000sq ft and has exotic hardwood floors to boot. When one has too much money and too much time you tend to keep up with the Jones no matter how ridiculous or over the top it may be, whether it is mega yachts or luxo super villain esque doomsday bunkers

  8. I remember reading Col Cooper talking to someone who had hired him to train his bodyguards. The man was quite pleased with the results. He said he believed his bodyguards could protect him from any threat.

    Col Cooper’s reply was, “So Senor, who is going to protect you from them?”

    In the end of the world scenario, The Zuck has no more real value to his employees. He has already provided them with everything they need to survive.

    • It’s not uncommon for protection details to accidentally, or deliberately, kill their principal. Accidents happen when responding to attacks.

      • I’m pretty sure the position of emperor was traded by the pretorian guard of Roman empire fame in that same manner.
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  9. Mark is not building that bunker to hide from social strife. He has learned about a coming natural disaster, but hasn’t been told the whole story, because if he had he wouldn’t be building that bunker in Hawaii.

    Sispicious0bservers disaster playlist on youtube, go watch it.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if he was building one in every low population area of the world, if not nearly every country. He can afford it now, while money has a utility.

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