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Freedom in the 50 States

1    New Hampshire
2    Florida
3    South Dakota
4    Nevada
5    Arizona
…     …
14    Idaho
…     …
37    Washington
…     …
46    Oregon
47    New Jersey
48    California
49    Hawaii
50    New York

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Washington has some advantages but I would rather be in Idaho. Washington seems to want to oppress their citizens just for the meanness of it and in total spite of the state and Federal Constitutions..


8 thoughts on “News You Can Use

  1. Were this a sane country, seeking to live up to its founding premises, state and local leaders would be fighting to become, and stay,. #1.


  2. I think Colorado is overrated. But it depends on the metrics.

    A trendline, though hard to read, might be helpful. Colorado is pointing downward.

  3. Yes, WA used to be much better. Once the kids are grown, the only thing keeping us here will be hobs. Can’t wait to move.

  4. Ya, but freedom, compared to what? The major trend line is downward. Worldwide. Communists never sleep. They will find you. No matter where you move.
    When Klaus can tell the whole world they will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy on the drugs. And gets away with it?
    Best be ready to fight on every level. Cause no matter where you go, or are, there they’ll be. Whining and bitching about everything good, true, and beautiful.
    Political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Coincidently, so does freedom.

  5. I always felt cynical when I said that Oregon barely rated above California, New York, New Jersey, Hawai’i, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts when it came to freedom.

    Now I find that objectively, it’s worse than IL, MD, and MA (which is saying something!).

    But that’s what happens when the communists get put in charge.

    • And institute motor-voter/mail in voting. Counted by elitist commies.
      Oregon was a corrupt shithole in the 50’s. Speaking from experience. And probably long before.
      Honesty never stood a chance there. Common, hardworking folks are what kept the place livable this long.

    • So here’s the thing

      In IL you can pretty much do whatever you want, as long as you go through the motions, your papers are in order, and you don’t cause a problem or do something fine-able while a cop is looking.

      The state is broke and there are enough real problems to deal with that nobody bothers much.

      It was a pain during Covid because of the whole vaccine passport thing they tried to do but since that effectively went away…

      The main problem is everything closes at night, and sometimes there are rioting issues. Thing is, it’s not really anywhere near as big of a deal as people make it out to be. You can pretty much tell when & where you need to stay away.

      • Well that, and the downtown is falling into dirt and disrepair.

        Which mostly sucks for people like me who can remember what it was like 30+ years ago when it was nice

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