Between having promise and realizing it

I don’t care for the communist spin in the article but the core of the message is intriguing:

The effort to slow down aging isn’t slowing down. The Institute for Aging Research at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine claims we’ve moved beyond hope in turning anti-aging into reality, and we now sit “at the point between having promise and realizing it.”

I expect the middle class have access in less than a decade after the billionaires.


One thought on “Between having promise and realizing it

  1. Adam and Eve already had that in the garden of Eden. It was called the tree of life. And like most humans they couldn’t help themselves, do things the way they were told. They got convinced they could do it all on their own.
    The problem isn’t so much of fixing cell regeneration. It’s fixing human nature. It can’t help itself in creating problems on one hand, while trying to cure problems on the other.
    Bill Gates may be pouring billions in to living forever. And what would that do to the population of the earth, he thinks is already over-crowded?
    And since he gets to live forever but you don’t, will certainly make one want to be his servant right? Or would it make you want to kill him and those like him?
    Out of that oh-so human thing called jealousy?
    And if you could live forever, wouldn’t this place become a living hell? Been there, seen it, done that, got the tee-shirt. Your trapped here. Or you can go to some strange new planet in a far-off galaxy and what? Start over?
    Wanting to live forever in this place is probably one of the dumbest ideas one could think of.
    Death smiles at us all for a reason. And all we can do is smile back. For the same reason. And sooner or later everyone bends the knee.
    Go read King Solomon. There was never a more life blessed and lived on this earth as far as hedonics goes. Read what he had to say about it.
    Bezo’s ain’t going anywhere he’s going to like.

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