I fear global cooling more than global warming

If humans actually have some control over the global temperature we should error on the side of making things too warm rather than too cold. It’s a lot easier to deal with a few feet of rise in the level of the ocean than it is to deal with a mile of ice over Seattle, Chicago, and New York and everything north of there.


12 thoughts on “I fear global cooling more than global warming

  1. LOL! As if humans could influence the climate anywhere near as much as the vagaries of the sun does.

  2. “…a mile of ice over Seattle, Chicago, and New York…”

    Any way to include D.C in that and accelerate the process? If humans can influence the earth’s climate in such a way we could do D.C. first as a “precautionary” test case.

  3. A mile of ice over NYC, Chicago and Seattle sounds fine. We need to build a wall before the ice gets there though.

    • It would cover everything north of there too. There would be lots of good people displaced and resources covered in the northern U.S., Canada, and Alaska.

      • Millions of US citizens illegally fleeing across the Mexican border to pursue a better life in the now temperate climate, demanding housing, healthcare and schooling for their children.

  4. Wasn’t it Alex Jones that got all banned and conspiracy theoried, your insaned, by everyone in the commie control system, for saying government was controlling the weather?
    Yet here they are telling us to just give them more power, money, and control they can fix the……weather?
    That’s some real Ferengi crap right there.

  5. I’ve yet to hear any of the high priest of the Cult of Warmism explain why it is that we’re still only catching up with the warmth in the days of Julius Caesar.

    • Later than that. About 1000ad to 1400, roughly. Farms on Greenland! Grapes growing in Newfoundland (Canada). Even that warm, I’m not sure there was any measurable sea level increase. Cities/ports in the Mediterranean don’t seem to show any change.

  6. Ah yes, I remember it like it was yesterday. And I was a super Star Trek fan, too, so of course I had to believe “Spock”. He played a logical science officer on a star ship. Surely he’d never lie. And they got me traumatized, living in sometimes morbid fear, not only of nuclear war but of the imminent coming of the next ice age, and those filthy sons of bitches had me hating the evil capitalism that was bringing it all about.

    Nimoy says, “…the result could be hunger and death, on a scale unprecedented in all of history.”

    What you need to understand is that that statement is not a warning, but a threat, and there are powers in this world capable of making good on that threat. And they are making good on that threat. They have the means, the motive and the opportunity*.

    And they’ve always used entertainers, musicians and sports figures to promote their Romish agenda, as did ancient Rome. And it never matters how many times in a row their “expert scientists” have been dead wrong, or for how many decades they’ve been wrong. The fearful and hateful mindset they’re promoting remains. People find their rationalizations for it later, and if not then they’ll make them up, and if they can’t make them up then they’ll be given them, and even if they contradict past rationalizations, the new rationalizations are enough. The power of propaganda is great, and their propaganda is well designed. But the truth is often greater, and they know it, and that is why they have to resort to censorship, intimidation, cancel culture, threats and carreer destruction, etc.

    The same power has been behind this since the “danger” was purported to be Global Cooling, and at the same time the dire warning was the Soviet Union and the possibility of global nuclear war. It’s always something. It doesn’t matter, so long as it traumatizes a certain, fairly small percentage of the population. And that power is the one which wrote the blueprints for the communist, socialist and fascist revolutions of the 20th Century; Rerum Novarum. It’s the same power which wrote the blueprint for the global implementation of the Climate Change hoax. That blueprint is *Laudato Si, and practically all nations at least claim to be committed to it.

    They’re going ahead with it no matter who disagrees with it, no matter how provably wrong their assertions may be. They know that at a certain stage in the development of a lie, and in the demoralization of the people who would otherwise stand up to the lie, the truth is sufficiently feared and despised and therefore irrelevant, and it can be ignored. It’s what they do. It’s an age-old art, a mature art, and a tradition. Now instead of being accused of “murdering grandma” for not wearing a useless mask or for not taking an un-tested vaccine, you’ll now be accused of threatening the very survival of future generations and indeed all life on Earth if you don’t cede to their demands for “saving the planet”.

    And we should admit this much; that it is a brilliant plan, and that it will indeed work. We should admit it because it is working. It has been working already.

    Anyone who goes against the tide is of course an “extremist fundamentalist separatist”, probably a “Climate Terrorist” and a danger to our beautiful, beloved and nurturing “Mother Earth”. And by the way, these people, some of whom refer to themselves as “Christians” are actually praying to “Mother Earth”, which is blasphemy and idolatry according to the Judaeo-Christian Bible. And they’re super getting away with it, being praised for it even, among the religious world.

    So not only are you, as an extremist, an existential threat to the very life of the planet, just for breathing, and a threat to the glorious and divinely inspired cause of saving the planet because you’re speaking out against that cause, you’re a heretic too, opposing the very will of god! Or so they’ll be saying before you know it (because they’re saying it already).

    Like I’ve been saying, it’s the dawn of the New Dark Ages, or The Dark Ages 2.0. But this time they have technology and organization such as the popes, and the prelates and bishops, their Jesuit Generals and their puppet kings of the Middle Ages could never have dreamed of having. This time they can make it stick, and there’s no Martin Luther (or so they think) who can nail any theses to anything and get away with it.

    And yet as brilliant as they are, blinded by their pride, lusts, presumption and hubris, they have no idea what’s coming after, right in the wings of their success;
    “For when they shall say, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.”

  7. Hot Summers and warm Winters are proof; cool Summers and cold Winters are merely data points that prove nothing.

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