4 thoughts on “It is better*

  1. A reference to a certain 19th century American humorist and author?

  2. To funny! The government is insane to think they’re going to take guns away.
    At this point their only spurring a counter-culture.

    • Just because government, and the people invested in the size, power and authority of government, think or do something doesn’t mean it was the result of a rational process. Government is still a bunch of people, each with their own self interests.

      Have you seen the Rasmussen poll highlighting the disconnect between what the public thinks in important versus what the legacy media thinks is important? The legacy media is the vanguard of the establishment, the un-elected “expert” ruling class. The media live the narrative that the technocrats want to exist.

      My point is: they are absolutely sane about the realities of their environment. The problem is that they live in a bubble of unreality that has almost nothing in common with anyone outside. Within the scope of their worldview, they don’t see any solution except confiscation of privately owned firearms. Within the scope of their worldview, they can’t see how most problems we’re facing were created by their interference. Within their worldview, a $100M per year problem must be addressed by a agency with a $500M per year budget, of which only $50M goes towards addressing the problem, resulting in a $120M per year problem that means the agency needs a budget increase to $600M next year. You call them insane, and they simply don’t understand how you came to that conclusion… therefore you must be the insane one.

      I’m reminded of a saying, which I may be paraphrasing: “They called me insane, and I called them insane, and dammit, they outvoted me.” We (Americans) outnumber them (technocrats), but the problem is that we haven’t proverbially outvoted them yet.

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