Reloading dies?

If I could afford it, it would be cool to reload for this caliber. It would give Boomershoot a whole new meaning:


Of course I would need a new press and reloading dies. Does anyone know where I could get a press and dies which could handle 16” projectiles?* Oh, I also need a new gun and new range.

* Yes, I know, these projectiles didn’t use a shell casing. I was just making a joke.


11 thoughts on “Reloading dies?

  1. When you show up for High Intensity and see Joe on the line with his classic reproduction 16″/50 Mark 7 and a shiny $5 NFA tax stamp for a destructive device, you just say, “Sometimes, Quality has a Quantity of its own”, pack up your piddly semi-auto rifle and step back to see how “One and Done” is accomplished.

  2. The biggest brass cartridge I know of is the main charge for a German 15″ naval gun. The case is 15″ diameter by just under 3′ tall and the brass alone weighs 150 lbs. It’s a, separated load with the main charge and an intermediate bagged charge behind the shell.

  3. Need that turret on your bunker. On top of Mecca hill. Talk about good old American style pacification! And just think of how polite the neighbors would be.
    Gives a whole new meaning to “long range.”

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