‘A Nation of Cowards’ is now in print

For a long while the book, A Nation of Cowards was out of print. That has changed.

I just bought three copies so I can give them away to people that might benefit. This is an awesome book.


One thought on “‘A Nation of Cowards’ is now in print

  1. Cowardice that gets them paid very well. My friend confronted a communist college professor in a bar once about the salary he was paid. He laughed and said; Ya, decadent isn’t it?
    They know. The MSM doubles down with stupidity on top of ignorance, smothered in hypocrisy on a daily basis. An none of them ever notice?
    They all use the same buzz-words. And none of them knows where it all ends?
    They all can’t be that moronic, that narcissistic, and that uniform, at the same time without noticing? Please.
    Their more controlled than a Soviet tank factory.
    Very few that aren’t getting paid large for their cowardice. They just think there on the winning side.
    We should remember that, if were ever a jury person at their trial.

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