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  1. Now that it’s official – RE: the letter from the Chief of Police in Seattle referencing the City Council Ordinance enacted by the city’s elected leadership – that retail property owners, and by extension, all residents, are on their own for protection, it’ll be interesting to see what comes next.

    Seems like fully authorized expansion of Joe’s “Mugme Street” to encompass the entire jurisdiction.

    I’m making no predictions, just expressing “interested spectating,” and curiosity about codification of response from affected parties; there may be a “new business model” about to be adopted and I’d like to see what it is.

    • My prediction – things that won’t make the news much will be things like disputed gang turf will become undisputed, formerly anti-gun liberals will have a serious come-to-Jesus about gun laws and police protection, and the rise of formerly liberal residents forming block-watch militias. The things that will make the news are things like new gun owners having accidents and hurting themselves and family, shooting people over ambiguously criminal behavior, the victimization of non-whites (who are being so rudely interrupted in the commission of crimes by a bullet) by those evil whites (who, oh, BTW, are legit protecting themselves and their property, but not need to mention that), and skyrocketing inequality and racism, along with (mysteriously, of course) the crime rate.

  2. Well, to quote one of Gilda Radner’s SNL characters, “never mind.”

    Haven’t seen confirmation elsewhere, but according to Miguel at GunFreeZone, a fed dot gov judge has issued an injunction against the Seattle City Council’s ban on police employing less lethal tools.

    I have no doubt the ban, or something with similar effect, will return one way or another, Lefties will not be dissuaded in their quest for societal destruction.

    Random thought: Joe, are you and Barb giving any consideration to relocating?

    • Possibly more fitting from SNL’s Dan Akroid. Jenny, you ignorant slut!.???
      It seems quite fitting for most of the Democrat party?

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