Very nice

Roberta reported on how the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Force and the deputy mayor handled things last night such that there were no violent confrontations associated with the large protest:

The police and protestors marched the rest of the way to the Governors house intermingled.  The protestors agreed to disperse afterward, and police walked with them back downtown to their cars.

No one got hurt.  There were no riots in Indianapolis last night.  There was no looting.

I’m proud of the people of my city.

I read someplace else, I forget where, that research from the 1960s and 1970s on crowd control came up with a solution similar to what Roberta described which resulted in similar outcomes.

Nice. Very nice.


5 thoughts on “Very nice

  1. Yeah but the protesters are still killing grandma by violating the CV regulations or so the Left tells us when it comes to church services at least.

    • My guess is that it’s like the gun control issue. It’s about control, not the guns or the virus. I suspect that the risk of contracting COVID-19 can be adequately controlled with appropriate precautions in most social settings. Church services with adequate spacing, sanitization, and masks probably are be fine. Sex orgies, not so much.

      The religious services are something the political left, in general, associates with their political enemies and gets pleasure out of “sticking it to them”. Huge crowds are the political currency of the left. This is their demonstration of power and control over others. Hence, silence on the COVID-19 issue.

    • Interesting article, yes. The trouble is that it applies only when both parties have good intentions to start with. When some of the participants are violent revolutionaries or hardened criminals, the principles described do not apply.

      The other interesting question is why things getting out of hand correlates so strongly with Democrats being in charge.

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