It always rains in Seattle

Since the COVID-19 restrictions went into place Barb and I have been taking a lot of walks around the neighborhood. The Seattle area rain, fog, and moss is a bit of a downer but it’s better than being in the house all the time.



As least, that’s what we want people from out of the area to believe.

I had to wait many days to get the above pictures. Here is what it looks frequently looks like when we go for our walk:

Mount Rainier is 50 miles to the south.

20200508_063952The Cascades are 30 miles to the east.

Mount Baker is 85 miles to the north.

The Olympics are 50 miles to the west.

I’m sometimes reminded of the theme song, Seattle, by Perry Como for the 1968 series, “Here Come the Brides”:

The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle
And the hills the greenest green in Seattle…

imageBut, please, tell everyone that it always rains in Seattle. We don’t ever get a tan here, it’s just rust.


10 thoughts on “It always rains in Seattle

  1. Perry Como? Hah! You are dating yourself, eh? You’ve just sent some scrambling to Google. 🙂

    Yes, I’m 75

    Nice pics.

    • Barb is a lot younger than 75 and she remembers that song.

      But, yes, I’m dating myself some with that reference.

  2. You don’t need weather to scare us off. Seattle’s politics do that for you.

    • With those views the houses sell for something in the two million dollar range or more. We don’t have a view anywhere close to as good from our house but it’s nice we live walking distance to such views.

  3. I lived in Bremerton for a while. Once, I took a long nap and missed summer. It rained a lot when I was there.

      • At least, that’s the sales pitch.
        As odd as it may seem for the number of rainy days we have a year, the average July/august rainfall totals for the PNW are the lowest in the nation for that time period.

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