Facebook is evil

Michael Z. Williamson gives us numerous examples of the Facebook bias against certain people and/or political viewpoints.

Here is just one of the examples:


The others are just as, or more, perplexing as to why they would be justification for censorship—unless there were a deliberate bias against him and/or those who are opposed to socialism and/or question the validity of the climate change narrative.

Facebook is truly evil. Never click on the links of their advertisers.


3 thoughts on “Facebook is evil

  1. I will never use any social media. Had an experience one time of receiving a VERY detailed competitive marketplace briefing. The contents of the presentation was disturbing a lot of us as we could only imagine such materials being obtained by illegal means. We were assured that EVERYTHING in the briefing had been obtained through public domain social media. If that type of information is so readily available, I want nothing to do with such potential compromising of my information.

  2. My wife was a police secretary for 20+ years and it’s amazing how fast she can hunt someone down. With just a regular computer.
    In all things human. Power corrupts. We should expect what from a power structure like Facebook?

  3. I didn’t like MeWe.
    I’m liking minds,com.
    A FascisBook alternative without the fascist censorship and leftists/globalist agenda.
    Content creators can even earn cryptocurrency there, though I haven’t made any attempt to monetize anything, at least yet.
    The problem is in trying to get 2500+ friends/followers to move from FascistBook to another social media platform.

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