Initiative to repeal I-1639

If you are a registered Washington State voter please sign the petition for I-1094. Do it soon! The last day to sign in December 28th, 2019.

If passed I-1094 would repeal I-1639. Here is the website for the good guys.

Here is the list of addresses where you can find copies of the petition to sign. Here is a map of the locations where you can find copies of the petition to sign:


4 thoughts on “Initiative to repeal I-1639

  1. When I signed it the other day, the guy behind the counter said he’d heard reports of people stealing and destroying stacks of petitions. Have you heard of anything like that actually happening with this petition? Are there any remedies? Not just prosecution of the offenders, but how could they go about replacing the destroyed signatures since you’re not supposed to sign more than once. I know there are specific formatting requirements; maybe they should allow a “replacement” box you could initial which indicates that: “I’m just making sure my name is on this in case it was destroyed”.

    • I have not heard anything about that. I signed at my local gun range but didn’t really talk to them about it. I’ll ask the next time I go in.

      I don’t know of any remedies.

  2. -Please- before Dec 28, now would be optimal. Dec 28 we’re hoping to have signed sheets back to distribution for pickup. If you’re a text kinda person, the map Joe posted is fed from this sheet;…/1HLgAZDPbR39Rpw6kPyr9XSJ…/edit
    PS this campaign is entirely volunteer, the first initiative signature gathering in Washington for many years that used no paid gatherers or staff.

  3. Sorry, man.

    Just this month I left the Puget Sound region for Montana. Couldn’t stand it any more.

    I just hope my house sale benefits from the Greater Fools in the area, so I can buy a good home outright.

    The Real Kurt

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