The relationship between guns and boxcars

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This was certainly true in Europe a few decades ago:


Is it true at on this continent at this time? Maybe not. But if we decide it isn’t true, act accordingly, we are making that choice for not only ourselves but all of our descendants and probably for all time. If that is the wrong choice we won’t get to change our response.

The risk far too great to take the chance. Do not give up another inch of our right to keep and bear arms.


6 thoughts on “The relationship between guns and boxcars

  1. As many others have pointed out, you can vote your way into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out of it.

    Those who seek to become our masters grok this, which is why they intend to render us as helpless as their subjects in Venezuela now are.

  2. I’ve always thought that a great number of the proggie gun-grabbers have fantasies of being at a depot like that holding a clipboard filled with names in one hand and a truncheon in the other.

    What needs to be imparted to them is that if that scenario ever came even close to a reality here, that no consideration about “rules” would be extended to them.

  3. We’re told we don’t need guns because “that could never happen here” but one can argue credibly that, if it could never happen here then that is because we have lots of guns.

    Certainly the Nazis went out of their way to disarm their target populations. It’s a necessary step if you want to wipe out a whole population from within your midst and not suffer tremendous casualties in the process.

    It’s quite simple; those who want you disarmed are your enemies.

    • It already did happen here.

      Andrew Jackson, founder of the Democrat Party, was also the president that implemented what we call now call the Trail of Tears and the reservation system.

      The Nazis looked to that example for ideas on how to implement their plans for the various classes of untermenchen they would declare. They also considered favorably the Jim Crow laws the <again!) Democrats passed in the South to keep the uppity colored people in check.

      So, don't accept the "it couldn't happen here" because the Democrats already did it, first disarming the class of people they intended to control, then doing to them whatever they liked.

  4. Like the German SS said. “their would be a 1,000 of you. and only 5 guards with bolt action rifles. If you were that cowardly, you didn’t deserve to live.”
    If you refuse to be part of the herd, they lose. guns or no.
    “If we only loved freedom enough”. is the answer.

  5. I have a quote saved away years ago, I think from the bottom signature text of an email:
    “Simpletons assert that America doesn’t need armed citizens since it has never had a despot or tyrant for a leader. What they don’t realize is that America has never had a despot or tyrant as a leader because American citizens are armed.” — Ira Weitzel, Dachau survivor.
    I haven’t been able to trace that, so I don’t know if it’s genuine or if the name is correct if so, but the sentiment is valid whether the particular quote is authentic or not.

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