A bit unique

Here is something you don’t see every day:


A couple of passenger jets at the dock.

Adding to the uniqueness, the picture was taken from inside a restaurant.


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      • Could be MAXes, but the easy to spot visual difference is behind the brick. Boeing is still making -800s, so it could be either way.

        Apparently, one of the reasons that lead to the crashes was the use of new, larger diameter more efficient engines. Which lead to the raining of the nacelle height so they wouldn’t scrape the ground. Which changed the center of thrust from an older model 737. Which would have required the airframe to be completely recertified because it didn’t work the same as as old 737. Which would have not only cost Boeing money, but every airline because all their old 737 pilots would have to recertify. Which is why MCAS was implemented to make the MAX work like the old 737 through a software hack so they could maintain the fiction that the 737 MAX was just the same as the old 737. But the MCAS only paid attention to one angle-of-attack indicator at a time, not both of them. So if one got jammed… it would keep pushing the nose down. And the pilots didn’t recognize in time to pop the breaker to kill the MCAS and recover control of their aircraft.

  1. Okay
    So let me get this straight.

    There’s an airport with GA parking access that’s close enough to that dock so the über wealthy can taxi right up to where their yacht is moored so they don’t have to over exert themselves?

    Wo bist das?

    • South end of Lake Washington.

      The green color of the 737s is the give-away. That’s the protective film on the aluminum of freshly built 737s, before they get painted. I see them, without wings or empennage, passing by my office on railcars for final assembly at the Renton Boeing facility.

      The runway they use is also used for GA and amphibious aircraft.

  2. I could be wrong, but I believe Wiley Post and Will Rogers departed from that very spot on their ill-fated trip to Alaska.

  3. Joe — totally OT but Congrats on the marriage! I was bopping around my “favorite gun blogs” now that the NRA is imploding (just want to see what you guys think) and I found the posts about you & Barb. I do believe you could have married her years ago because she seems like just the girl for you!

    Hope things are good with you and yours…..and I hope you remember me!?!

    • Thank you!

      I would have married her as soon as our divorces were final. But for years she made it clear she didn’t want to get married again… Then she changed her mind and proposed to me. It was such a surprise! We are very happy together.

      Of course I remember you. I’d been wondering if someone was too rude to you and scared you off. I have been tempted to do a search for your IP address in my log files to see if you were still a reader but just not commenting. But I never got around to it. Thanks for coming back.

      I don’t want to “air dirty laundry” in public here. Any large, and particularly old, organizations have “dirty laundry”. The NRA is no exception. I “know stuff” that goes back 20+ years. And have heard from others stuff that goes back 40+ years.

      The talk of “implosive” is overblown. The NRA has problems but it has lots of strength too. It will patch the wounds and keep on fighting.

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