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It would be nice if it were possible you could rent a carry gun when you are traveling. Suppose you were going to do some domestic travel for a few days, then continue on to an international destination before returning. You want to be able to carry when you legally can but leave the gun behind when you visit your international destinations. Renting for a few days would be a good option.

Another option would be to have a small storage service that you could trust your gun with while you traveled.

Does anyone know of such thing in the Fort Lauderdale area?


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  1. Joe, I think that you might be looking at this backwards. Instead of renting a gun temporarily at your domestic stop, you should bring your normal carry gun. Then, before heading off to your international stop, you would need to find a secure location to store the firearm for you.

    If you won’t be returning to your domestic stop after the international portion of your trip, have your personal gun shipped back to your local FFL. At worst, you are out shipping cost and the cost of an FFL transfer.

    I think you would have an easier time finding a gun store, range, or GUNSMITH who would store your firearm or help you ship it back to yourself than finding one that would rent you a gun.

  2. I may be off, but I think you would be covered if you mail yourself the gun.
    Do check anyway.


    6. May I lawfully ship a firearm to myself in a different State?

    Any person may ship a firearm to himself or herself in the care of another person in the State where he or she intends to hunt or engage in any other lawful activity. The package should be addressed to the owner “in the care of” the out-of-State resident. Upon reaching its destination, persons other than the owner must not open the package or take possession of the firearm.

  3. I once stashed a pistol at a PA gun store, 5 miles from the NY border as there is no legal way for a non-resident to have a handgun in a car in NY (unless they have started honoring the FOPA). Guy didn’t even charge me anything, though I did buy some ammo as a thank you.

    So I would see if you can find a local gun store. By definition, they would be an FFL and conversant with all the transfer rules.

  4. If you’re planning to return the same way, drop it off at a gun store “to be cleaned.”

  5. A friend traveling to Niagara Falls thru Canada made arrangements with a locally owned motel outside Detroit to keep his handgun in their safe. He dropped it off and picked it back up on his way back home.

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