Vote No on #I1639

This evening I went to the NRA phone bank event and made calls to encourage people to vote against I-1639.

I’m an introvert. It’s uncomfortable for me to make calls to friends. It’s tough to make calls to businesses to ask if they have a particular product or to make an appointment to get my car repaired.

Making calls to people I don’t know, some of whom are openly hostile to what I have to say, puts my stomach in knots. I did this for about an hour two weeks ago before I had to stop. I went back last week but the office we had used the previous week was locked (they moved to a different office when someone forget the key or something, and I didn’t see them). I went back this evening hoping I could handle it better. Nope. It was worse.

I left after about 35 minutes of making calls. I decided my time could be better spent doing something else. I decided to gather up all the memes I could find and post them here (and Twitter, Facebook, and Gab).

In a little over an hour I have collected enough that I have one for every day between now and election day. There is a lot of repetition in the text of the message even though they have a different images so I’ll continue looking for new material (hint to Oleg, Stephanie, and Brian) and will boost the count per day as needed.

You are able to find all my posts on I-1639 by clicking on this link (the category link for “I-1639” at the bottom of this post). Share with people for whom you think will be receptive.

You can donate money (as I have done) here to support video ads like this:

You can also donate here to fund NRA efforts (as I have also done) to defeat I-1639.

Here is the first meme from my collection. Via a tweet:



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  1. Joe, that first week you called..? You had the highest number of calls completed. It wasn’t by a small number either. Thanks for putting yourself out there you are getting good things done.

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