Calvin’s father

Daughter Jaime was rereading a Calvin and Hobbes book and claimed that Calvin’s father had a lot of similarities to me. I didn’t recall him being a particularly good match. She then presented her primary exhibit, this comic:


When I stopped laughing I conceded her point.


7 thoughts on “Calvin’s father

  1. I miss Calvin & Hobbes terribly. I would buy a subscription to the New York Times if Waterson started writing again and they were the only ones carrying it.

    • The New York Times? Let’s not get carried away. I’d visit the public library more often if that were the case.

      • That is the depths to which I love that strip, and the lengths I would go to, to see it again.

  2. Waiting at a rehab clinic overhearing a child patient being asked which book of the three in his hands he wanted to read. One was a C&H hardcover. Personally, I thought there was no contest and butted in with my opinion. I’d like to think I helped in my own little way. And I suspect Joe and I are related as that penultimate panel is familiar.

  3. The best Calvin was the one where the father explains B&W photos.

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