Stabby Tree

I visited daughter Xenia this last weekend. She recently moved to Kentucky. It’s a little damp and cloudy but it looks like it will be very beautiful when it warms up and the trees get their leaves.

We did a little bit of sightseeing and this was one of the more interesting historical items we saw:


She and John have a few acres with their new house and we took the dogs on walks and looked at the trees and birds trying to identify them. There were several trees like the one below. I thought trees like this only existed in scary Disney cartoons. It’s the kind of tree I would expect around Sleeping Beauty’s castle:




Xenia says it’s a Honey Locust and is also known as a Thorny Locust. I prefer the name Xenia gave it when she first saw it, “a Stabby Tree”.


8 thoughts on “Stabby Tree

  1. Not quite as bad, but in NH there’s an invasive shrub known as “Russian Olive” (among other names). It spreads rapidly from reddish berries, and the branches have inch-long spikes on them. Cutting them to the ground gets rid of them for a year or so.

  2. Evolutionary anachronism: those stabby bits on the honey locust. They are speculated to have evolved to ward off Pleistocene megafauna.

  3. Overseas(at least in Monte Negro) we called them “Acacia” trees. The Acacia bush in desert countries looks like that only grows more like a bush rather than up like a tree.

  4. Please cover your daughters license plate; lefties love doxxing.
    Thanks for your site, one day I hope to come to boomershoot.

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