Sign of the times

I’m very pleased with this ruling:

The FAA’s drone database hit a major snag this week, courtesy of a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling. The D.C.-based court sided with drone hobbyist John Taylor, who argued that the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t have jurisdiction over what the law classifies as model aircraft.

“Taylor does not think that the FAA had the statutory authority to issue the Registration Rule and require him to register,” Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote in the statement. “Taylor is right.”

Less regulation is almost always a good thing.

The current administration says it is going to cut regulations across the board. This does not appear to be a result of those efforts but I welcome the elimination of regulations no matter how it comes about.

Unfortunately, it’s only a grain of sand on a beach.


2 thoughts on “Sign of the times

  1. Although justice delayed (“regulations” still on the books) is justice denied, one grain of sand is a start.

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