Greg Hamilton for Seattle Mayor!

This is going to be interesting.

See also here.

Via multiple sources and an email from Ry who says, “First time I regret not living in Seattle”.

Who is Greg Hamilton? He is the founder and Chief Instructor InSights Training Center. I’ve known Greg for over 20 years and have 51 QOTDs from him here on this blog.

Update: Video of Greg Hamilton’s Mayoral Announcement.


4 thoughts on “Greg Hamilton for Seattle Mayor!

  1. Hmm. Upon one viewing, If I take that interview in isolation (pretending I know nothing about him) I see very little to grab onto there. “Incentivizing developers to create low income housing”, if I heard the gist of it right, is the only thing that pops out as “something”, and that could just as well have been said by any run-of-the-mill Progressive Marxist. It could mean Central Planning with special favors to special groups (cronyism) or it could mean lifting onerous government restrictions for everyone (Americanism). There’s no way to guess. He says he’s against everything the current mayor stands for, or does, but again; how are we supposed to interpret that? Any way we want? If you oppose something, the next obvious and yet unanswered question is “why?” and then the other obvious question is “what do you advocate?” or “what do you stand for?”

    In the search for meaning then, I’m coming up short. I’m not a voter in that city, but if I were, my retort would be “shit or get off the pot”. Say stuff that means things.

    That’ll piss off some people and get others behind you. Give people a clear choice. It’s not about you at all. It’s about the principles. Let the people of Seattle hang themselves or redeem themselves, but give them a clear choice.

    If you don’t believe they deserve a clear choice, then why bother? If you do believe they deserve it, then give it to them. If you give them a clear choice, then you’ve done your part. If you don’t, then you’re just another politician.

  2. Joe, I’m a part of Greg Hamilton’s campaign. What you viewed was an quick video interview that was VERY West Seattle centric. Greg Hamilton’s mayoral candidacy speech can be found here. You’ll find a much more comprehensive dissertation about what the Hamilton platform and agenda is:

  3. Yes! OH, YES! [insert harry met sally clip here]
    Watching the debates with him on the stage would be priceless.

    He doesn’t stand a chance to win (unless Satan’s Ice Skating Supply Shoppe just opened up), but the splody-headdedness of it would be a hoot to watch as he verbally flays some of the more absurd lefties.

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