Another victim disarmament zone tragedy?

Hmm… The BBC reports:

FBI agent George Piro said earlier that the suspect had travelled to Fort Lauderdale specifically to carry out the attack.

Unlike Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and most other states Florida airports are “gun free zones”. So, did the murderer fly all the way from Alaska just to find a place to shoot a bunch of people where they are extremely unlikely to shoot back?


8 thoughts on “Another victim disarmament zone tragedy?

  1. Well, what other connection with Florida does he have?
    Way back when Florida was getting its concealed carry law the anti liberty crowd referred to it as the “Gunshine State”. Does anyone know if gun-free airports was a compromise made as part of that legislation to comfort the hoplophobes?

  2. On the subject of that shooting: I have been wondering about his ammo. I thought you weren’t allowed to take ammo on an airplane, not even in checked luggage. Am I mistaken?

    • You are mistaken. I take ammo in my checked bags all the time. There are limits, but they are almost reasonable.

  3. Probably but he didn’t have to go that far. He could have come to Vegas where they have the same stupid law.

  4. This incident has an odor to it. If Hakalaka Muhammad Jihad Dirkadirka simply wanted to kill Americans, he could have walked into any shopping mall or etc. and opened fire. I’m sure he could have found a gun free zone in Alaska, even. That it was done specifically by taking a flight, using a gun he’d checked into baggage, is the smelly part.

    Is there is jihad training manual (issued by the Global Coalition of Self-Radicalizing Lone Wolves) that tells them to do this kind of shit, specifically to facilitate the poking of holes in our gun rights while further restricting our freedom of travel? I’ve said for near 20 years now that the jihadists and the Progressive Marxists are natural allies (soul-mates), both being enemies of liberty, and especially of Judeo/Christian civilization.

    Yeah I know; “Conspiracy Theory!” Someone had to say it. You and I hear the news, and the buzz coming from the globalist Marxists, and we perceive it in a very different way compared to someone who is mentally unstable, on psych drugs, traumatized, and indoctrinated in Critical Theory. I believe they perceive it as a call to action.

    • Alaska has some of the best gun laws in the country. I suspect the only victim disarmament zones there are due to Federal law which limits it to places like schools (where it is probably at least partially ignored), the Post Office (where it is probably completely ignored) and court houses (where there are metal detectors and armed law enforcement).

    • You’ve got the jump on me realization-wise. Only about two years ago I began to see that everything can be explained if the western Leftists are the Sinn Feinians to the Islamicist Jihadis’s Irish Republican Army.

      And yes, the way it was done seems to be designed to cut into what travel and gun/self-defense rights we still have, as now people are afraid that the guns in checked bags can be retrieved inside the airports for nefarious deeds.

      • Today’s QOTD (from the Orwellianly-named “Flyers Rights” organization) shows what the plan is.

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