Obstacles to sex research

Via Justin J Lehmiller:

I have done research on human subjects and had to get the research approved by distrustful committees so I have a glimmer of understanding of what she was up against and more than a little sympathy for her.

Almost as a side note I thought one of the points she made was very good. And that is that nearly everyone has used sex, either solo or with a partner to help them get to sleep at night. But sleep therapists, not a single one as far as she could determine, even mentioned this as a potential aid in overcoming sleep difficulties. Could this cut down on the use of pharmaceuticals? It would seem likely and probably have fewer undesirable side effects.

Similar benefits might exist for other issues as well. Orgasms affect mood and brain chemistry. Knowing more about this would seem likely to lead to better, or at least alternate, treatments for things like depression, right?

She not going so far as to endorse Dr. Joe’s Cure For Everything, but she is on the right track.


3 thoughts on “Obstacles to sex research

  1. Waaaay back in the late seventies there was a sitcom with Richard Benjamin that was a shameless parody of Star Trek. If my memory fails me correctly, one episode parodied the Star Trek episode in which the bridge crew aged decades within hours, except for Benjamin’s character which had beamed down to the planet to have (implied pretty strongly) sex with some alien princess. He was cured of the instant aging, and the ship’s doctor asked him if he had done anything to increase his respiration and his blood pressure and caused his body temperature to rise and him to break out in a sweat. Benjamin’s character replied with something on the order of “You bet!”, with a big grin.
    Joe’s Cure for everything also cures plot complications within the constraints of television.

  2. And somebody will make a million if they produce a wand that runs off twelve volts.

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