Play “Guess the party affiliation”

From the Chicago Tribune:

Former U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds starred in sex videos found on laptop, feds say

Mel Reynolds was elected to Congress in 1992, but his career sank after he was convicted in 1995 for having sex with an underage girl and in 1997 for fraud. He spent time in prison and was granted clemency by President Bill Clinton in 2001. He was indicted on tax evasion charges in 2015.

Reynolds — previously convicted of child pornography charges and now under indictment for tax fraud — has been griping that Homeland Security agents downloaded data from his laptop at the Atlanta airport in April and improperly shared it with federal prosecutors.

Nowhere in the article does it report his party affiliation. I wonder why?

Oh! I know. He is friends with the Clinton’s and is a democrat!


1 thought on “Play “Guess the party affiliation”

  1. That stuff is only supposed to cause political harm non-Democrats. The reason is simple, and most Democrats will be able to explain this easily (I’ve heard some of them do it);
    Republicans and others who claim to have moral standards are going to, by God, be held to those standards (‘In your face, Moral Majority!”). Unlike the prudes elsewhere, Democrats don’t have moral standards that they try to impose on others (so goes the narrative although we know it’s a huge lie) (free love, Asshole!), and so this only shows the hypocracy of NON-Democrats. It is fair game against Republicans and Catholics, and Judeo/Christian civilization in general, and does not apply to Democrats.

    I think we’re seeing that play out very precisely in this presidential election campaign, for example.

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