9 thoughts on “Women and firearms

  1. I like the graphic of the woman carrying in all the positions (except small-of-the-back. apparently that’s less than 1%?). She looks ready for a day of business.

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  3. “… 30% and GROWNING..”?????

    Good lord, who proof reads this stuff?

    • And Milllion, too.

      The agency art director needs a hide-tanning over those errors.
      While it a a powerful graphic, the errors become the point of focus to those who would misdirect attention from the actual data. It makes you and I look less capable when we point to such a thing as objective fact.

      • Yes, we saw that the other day in the discussion around a paper by John Lott.
        The trouble is that “proof reading” is no longer a common skill. A large and ever-increasing fraction of the population can’t spell at all, and can’t verify the work of “spelling correction” software for that reason. While that doesn’t explain such non-words as “milllion”, it is the reason why large quantities of text are now published full of errors due to invalid spelling “correction”. It shows up not just in the writing of illiterate teenagers, but also in publications like the Wall Street Journal which you would expect to have enough pride in its work not to deliver such shoddy work.

        • I hope to never hear another teenager tell me “It doesn’t matter. You know what I meant” after I point out a spelling or grammatical error.

          I do understand, however, that it will probably be tomorrow, if not sooner.

          Worse, the error will probably be in a note from one of my children’s teachers.

  4. Interesting statistics. It definitely makes it obvious that women are the major drivers in the continuing growth of concealed carry permit applications.Despite the naysayers, hopefully these numbers will make a few thugs think twice before attacking what appears to be an “easy” target.

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