Misunderstanding them since the beginning

People have been misunderstanding guns, what they can do, and how they are used since the beginning. And now we have proof. (Gunnies can relate to the Wiz’s face-palm)


Yes, the King and Rodney represent the ruling class and the useful idiots very well.


3 thoughts on “Misunderstanding them since the beginning

  1. The current Debacle in Massachusetts.

    The AG does a straight-up psychotic reinterpretation of a long-standing, and widely examined law, and in her reasoning shows she doesn’t know the first thing about firearms or their function.

    So gun dealers have essentially stopped selling, and gun makers have stopped dealing in Massachusetts, while EVERYBODY calls for a clarification….

    And AG Healey simply says “It’s perfectly clear, everybody understands.”

    And yesterday the Globe ran a story about how people who are pissed for being declared felons for following the law might have said some mean and uncharitable things about AG Healey.


    I’d be face-palming too, if I wasn’t potentially facing decades in prison.

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