The bias is blatant

Technically, 2,000 can be expressed correctly as “hundreds”. But this was blatant bias to minimize the number of good guys who showed up to protest:



9 thoughts on “The bias is blatant

  1. Also many of the local news stations did live-shots LONG before the Rally started.

    I arrived 15 mins early, and people were speaking, and 1,000 people were already there, but I’ve seen news footage “of the rally” from before I even got there!

    How do you cover an event a half-hour before it officially starts??

  2. We when rally, we fill parks. When the gun control astroturf rallies, they fill phone booths.

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  4. But the further the mask slips, the more obvious the bias gets, the less credibility the media has with the ordinary Big City Drone [AKA, a Dem voter].

    • My thought exactly. I choose to look at such blatancy as a gift.

      I don’t know about the “ordinary Big City Drone” though; I believe many of them are hopelessly lost. Some of them are aware of the bias, and support it, as a form of “justice”. Dan Rather’s comment, “Courage” (meaning “keep up the fight even though I was caught red-handed”) points to the fact that we’re dealing with a hard-core alliance.

      Alliances are hard to break. Bezminov pointed to his experiences as a KGB operative, and the fact that they know there is a point in one’s conditioning where no further presentation of proof, no amount of information counter to his beliefs, will touch him.

      Another take-away from all of this is that the Dark Side knows exactly what it is doing. That should be kept in mind when the time for justice arrives.

  5. Had 2,000 people shown up to an anti-gun rally, the media would have said “nearly ten thousand attended.” As Paul noted in the first comment, at least they didn’t say “dozens.”

  6. And, hey, we didn’t even have to stage the protesters so they looked more numerous than they actually were…

  7. Kevin Baker kinda beat me to it; I was going to say at least they didn’t say “several”.
    Having seen a multi-day protest with 60,000 in attendance and the media frenzy, I have zero faith that “the news” is accurate. Other folks must’ve had a low opinion of the media as a few of the newsies sat vans got “accidently” unplugged…

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