20 percent of Democrats say guns should be illegal

Via a tweet from the NRA we have this:

Among Democrats, 20 percent said all 11 guns should be illegal, while 15 percent of Republicans said they should all be legal.

One of the guns was clearly a flare gun and marked as such. A flare gun!

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns. One out of five Democrats want it to be illegal to own a hunting rifle, a common shotgun, or even a flare gun.


19 thoughts on “20 percent of Democrats say guns should be illegal

  1. By saying that guns should be illegal, they’re saying they want guns reserved for criminals. They won’t admit it of course. They won’t admit that criminals don’t obey laws. They don’t understand it. They can’t understand it because as prisoners of emotion they’re unable to think rationally.

    • Reserved for criminals, and for “special people”. Like the political bosses. Like the people who have bought them. People like Diane Feinstein, or the publisher of the New York Times. But not anyone else, in particular not the “ordinary people” or “Middle Class Americans” they pretend to support.

      The one remaining question is whether the support for criminals owning guns is through ignorance or through intent. The common answer is the former; but given how persistent their position is in spite of all the evidence of what it means, I would argue the latter is at this point the more plausible answer.

      • Before I answer that I want to make it absolutely clear that “gun control” is society’s pirates (the continuum of authoritarian governments, organized crime and common criminals) seeking a monopoly on deadly force. Once you see that, the reasons, and the solutions, become obvious.

        “…question is whether the support for criminals [having a monopoly on] guns is through ignorance or through intent.”

        The answer to your question depends on whether an individual is among the perpetrators or the duped. The only way that difference would matter at the moment is if we find a way to de-program the duped. The knowing perpetrators are beyond help and must simply be defeated, arrested, indicted, tried and sentenced. In the justice system, the ring leaders often receive the harsher sentence, but their followers are not innocent of all wrong-doing and must be held to account.

        Since the perpetrators own our education system and most of news and entertainment media, we’ve a long, uphill battle.

    • Oh, there are plenty of “stupid as a rock” Democrats who think that if we outlawed firearms except for the government, that they would all magically cease to exist and criminals would not have them.

      Pure magical fairy dust unicorn farting delusions. That’s what happens when you just feel and forget to think.

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  3. You could re-write it to say “20% of democrats are too ignorant to be trusted with voting” and it would be more accurate. Ignorant of right, history, technology, etc. I mean, they want to outlaw a safety device the Coast Guard requires of some ships, simply because it has the word “gun” in it?

  4. It’s been my observation that 5-10% of any sufficiently large population will respond to even the most reasonable, obvious question with an insane answer. Only a small part of that 5-10% gives the insane answer on every topic. Everyone else is perfectly normal, except for that little quirk where they think the Apollo moon landings were faked, or whatever.

    I tend to treat any properly conducted survey that hits 90% as unanimous, plus the crazy faction. Obviously, the survey methodology has to be checked to make sure they aren’t biasing their survey population one way or another.

    Since ~40% of the US population is reflexively Democrat-voting, 20% of that population would get you a convenient 8% of the US population. There’s your crazy demographic on this topic, with room for another 2% of total US population from the Republican-voting ~40% and the non-aligned voter blocs. My numbers may be a little off, but they’re within an order of magnitude.

    • 60% to 75% (depending upon which prison) of the prison population in the U.S. identify as Democrats. With such a propensity for being criminals, MUCH more than gun owners, it’s just common sense to prevent those crimes.

      [end sarcasm]

      • Actually, as a serious proposal that has a more rational factual basis, makes more sense, and would be far more likely to produce positive results than any of their gun control ideas (all of which ultimately produce negative results, whether by design or through the law of unintended consequences, or both).

      • That percentage you mention makes perfect sense. Wouldn’t you want to vote for people who promise to deliver a safer workplace? That’s what victim disarmament is — making the streets safe for criminals.

    • Technically it’s already illegal, since the whole Party opposes the U.S. constitution and the principles behind it. The same could be said for the vast majority of Republicans though, and so we have an outlaw government. No wonder they want us disarmed.

      • Yes, it is important to remember that nearly all Republican politicians despise the Constitution just as Democrat politicians do. It’s possible there are one or two exceptions, if you set the threshold low enough. (Rand Paul comes to mind. But I don’t think he supports the letter of Article 1 Section 8 any more than any other politician since 1789 ever has.)

  5. Very telling is that 42% want to ban the Remington 700. If you look at the picture, it’s a standard Remington 700ADL deer rifle, but it’s got a black plastic stock, a scope, and a bipod. Somehow that turns a standard hunting rifle into an assault weapon, or something. It’s the very epitome of the “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?” meme as applied to firearms.

    Another indication is that fewer people would ban the semi-automatic Benelli shotgun shown, but would ban the arguably slower-firing pump action Mossberg 500. Another perfect example of “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”.

    • And certainly says a LOT about the “Ok I’m fine if you have a gun for target shooting and hunting but….”

      No, no you’re not! You’ve learned to LIE that some guns are OK because the anti-gun agenda is total loser.

  6. This 20% will be the first to die in any natural disaster or social upheaval. They have about as much “common sense” and “coherent thought” as a pet rock.

    Just think of the logistics. To ban all non-governmental firearms is to invite the Second American Civil War. Roughly a third of the US population owns in excess of 300 (with our POTUS I would now say 400) million firearms and many of us will shoot any official who tries to take them away. It is orders of magnitude above what law enforcement can accomplish and this 20% will be among the casualties from this provocation to the real Americans who can read the Constitution.

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  8. Well the number is probably higher since that’s only the ones that aren’t afraid to admit they are anti-gun. There’s probably another 10 percent who don’t want anyone to have guns but would not say it in public. The rift between the anti-gun folks and the rest of the reasonable people is getting wider. It’s going to be interesting to watch how this plays out after the election.

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