11 thoughts on “Suddenly, guns are a problem?

  1. Nice!

    Now I suppose we’ll need to carefully explain to the Progressives what a “rate” means.

    We’ve been told how horrific it would be if people could legally carry concealed. Why, it could be as bad as the Wild West all over again! Heh.

    Also, we could point out the beginning of the Progressive era, in earnest, in the United States, at around 1901 or so, reaching a fever pitch a bit later with the election of Woodrow Wilson.

    On the other side, it could be said that the enactment of the NFA of ’34 marks the precipitous drop starting at that time, but then you’d fail to make that case.

    I’d like to see that graph expanded a bit, so we could see year by year.

    The numbers on the left; those represent deaths per hundred thousand?

  2. I think I’d be tempted to circle the very slight increases before each steep increase. Then I could say: this was the slight increase in gun violence that caused you to insist on new gun-control legislation. And THIS is what happened to gun violence AFTER that legislation. NOW do you understand why we don’t want more gun-control legislation? Among many other reasons, it never does what you claim you want it to do.

    • I wouldn’t do that. It’s not clear there actually is a slight increase. And apart from that, it muddles the argument. The real point is that gun control is never about crime, it’s always about controlling “the wrong people”, and in particular “controlling honest people”.

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