Steel match results

Saturday I went to a steel match at the Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club on Whidbey Island. It was raining in Bellevue when I left home but as I got on the ferry the rain had stopped, the fog was lifting, and the cloud cover was breaking up. I had forgotten my coat and was extremely pleased with the change of weather.


As is usual the stages were well done and interesting:






My .22 worked well. I had one failure to feed but other than that it was great.

My STI DVC Limited gun broke the ejector and when I took the slide off to clean it Friday night the ejector fell on the floor. The front peg had broken off flush with the frame. I didn’t have a spare ejector so I ordered an ejector, ejector pin, and a special ejector drill bit from Dawson Precision. Of course I wouldn’t have it in time for the match the next day so I had to use a backup gun. It worked fine until the fourth stage when it locked up and wouldn’t cycle. I removed the slide but couldn’t see anything wrong even though, at first, it wouldn’t work right even with the recoil spring and barrel removed. Then it started working, I put it back together and finished the stage. Then on stage five the hammer started not resetting. The first time it happened I racked the slide again and continued without incident on that string. Then on the next string it happened twice and I just thumb cocked it. It was almost as if I were shooting single action in a cowboy match—without ever practicing that way.

Yesterday I cleaned and examined my backup gun. I think the disconnector was worn so I replaced it with a spare I had. I’ll take it to the range and test it soon.

Even with the gun problems I shot well enough to win in both classes (I was the only shooter with a iron sighted rimfire pistol, so that doesn’t really count even though I had a good time):

Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club February 2016 Speed Steel Scores

Name Class Time
Brian Lawson RF-RI-O 41.59
Steve Mooney RF-RI-O 43.10
Brian Lawson RF-O 45.96
Steve Mooney RF-O 47.13
ED RF-RI-O 55.45
Jeff Kanter RF-RI-O 55.66
Joe Huffman RF-I 65.67
Dennis Bohling RF-RI-O 72.73
Brian Lawson RF-RV-I 76.32
Jim Dunlap RF-O 77.53
Larry Languille PCC-I 85.82
Rev Barchenger RF-O 86.53
Joe Huffman CF-I 92.33
John Hamilton CF-I 93.73
Ken Wu CF-I 106.10
Jeff Kanter CF-I 106.14
Jeff Sparks CF-I 115.59
Dennis Bohling CF-I 140.70
Scott Bertino CF-I 170.78
Bruce Barchenger CF-I DNF

RF-RI-O: Rimfire Rifle Optics
RF-O: Rimfire Pistol Optics
RF-I: Rimfire Iron sights
PCC-O: Pistol Caliber Carbine Optics
RF-RI-I: Rimfire Rifle Iron sights
CF-I: Centerfire Iron sights
PCC-I: Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron sights

In the video below I only included one of the better runs for each class of gun I shot on each stage except for when I shot the string cocking the hammer by hand. I edited one string of fire to included a comment from the Range Officer after I finished which Barb liked. I’m hoping this will be a more interesting video and not so long and boring. Also seeing things mostly done correctly is probably better than seeing a lot of errors.


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  1. I was in Oak Harbor last week … rode the ferry, which made a nice break in the 360 mile drive from Oregon. Beautiful island. I wouldn’t mind living there now that I know there are pistol matches to be had.

    About broken guns, Went to the USPSA Nationals in Oregon in 2003, Significant Other’s STI broke … ejecter loose and fell out. One of the major dealers at the match peened the pegs and installed it for her. Nice guy, forgot his name. Never did replace the ejector.

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