Lies, distortions, and ignoring the law

From The Seattle Times:

Building on California’s longstanding ban on assault weapons, the state’s lieutenant governor is preparing a 2016 ballot measure calling for even tighter restrictions, including background checks on ammunition sales.

Until a majority in Congress stands up to the bullying of the gun lobby, states must take action to reduce the proliferation of weaponry that maximizes one’s ability to kill fellow humans.

Washington state should follow suit by banning assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. This would increase the safety of its residents and signal a stance firmly against gun violence.

Editorial board members are editorial page editor Kate Riley, Frank A. Blethen, Ryan Blethen, Brier Dudley, Mark Higgins, Jonathan Martin, Thanh Tan, Blanca Torres, William K. Blethen (emeritus) and Robert C. Blethen (emeritus).

Bullying is done by the strong forcing their will upon the weak. The “gun lobby” is a collection of people standing up against the attacks against our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. If, by some miracle the politicians no longer had an interest in attacking us “the gun lobby” would wither up and go away. So who’s the bully here? It’s those politicians and their coconspirators in the media who keep tying to force their will upon us.

It would increase the safety of Washington State residents? Really? Do they have documentation for that? And even if they did, it would still be an infringement of a specific enumerated right, it would be ignored by most, and vigorously resisted by nearly all the others. How would this increase safety for anyone?

But telling the truth doesn’t work for them. They have to lie, distort, and ignore the Bill of Rights and the Washington State Constitution to get their way.

I’m pleased to note the online comments are running about 50 to one against them.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns:


1 thought on “Lies, distortions, and ignoring the law

  1. “If, by some miracle the politicians no longer had an interest in attacking us “the gun lobby” would wither up and go away.”

    I’ve said for years that the NRA would be horrified at such a prospect, and would take steps to avoid it. This is why the Progressives are so quick to denounce the NRA; they know in their heart of hearts that the NRA, much like the Republican Party, needs them. They need each other, and so what we see is the Lover’s Quarrel rather than a war in which one side must ultimately surrender to the victor. These fake battles are where evil can take hold and survive for long periods of time, supported by both “sides”, while the frog in the pot sloooowly approaches the boiling point.

    As Cooper said it so well; the best response to an attack is an immediate and overwhelming counter-attack. After dilly-dallying, dancing around the edges for nearly 100 years, one wonders whether there is any real fight in us at all, and THAT of course plays into the hands of the aggressors, so long as they are patient. Progressives are all about patience. We forget what the fight was all about in the first place.

    The conditions (of the second amendment specifically) under which our great grandparents lived (and in many cases now, our great, great grandparents), before the attack, are now considered “extreme” by nearly all “pro-gun” “activists”. Certainly too “extreme” to be mentioned in public as a serious objective, and they will often lash out at you for bringing it up. How the bloody hell did that happen? Well I just told you.

    “…the online comments are running about 50 to one against them.”

    More “bullying”. And so we discover the Left-Speak definition of “bullying”;

    Speech, attitudes, beliefs or actions in opposition to the Long March of Progressivism. Also see “Divisiveness”.

    No Republican alive wishes to be “Divisive” or a “Bully”, for the one thing we all agree on all the time is that there is no place for “Divisiveness” or “Bullying” in public discourse.

    In short; there is no place for American Principles. THAT at least is the game that’s being played against us, to prevent our having any hope. Don’t fall for it.

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