Crazy? Or sarcastic?

Sometimes I just can’t tell if someone is crazy or just being sarcastic. This is the most recent example:

… guns are the machine that accomplishes what it sets out to do no matter who the shooter is. The end results is all the same yet we have gun right supporters who continue to concentrate on demonizing the shooter instead of the weapon itself.


6 thoughts on “Crazy? Or sarcastic?

  1. It’s the old deodand rule.

    Just because we’re in “modern” times doesn’t mean that some people’s mental processes have modernized as well.

    I tend to take a person’s statements, crazy, idiotic, or otherwise, at face value unless I’ve been acquainted with them long enough to know them well. It’s easier than trying to impute innocuousness.

  2. Hmm;
    “… guns are the machine that accomplishes what it sets out to do no matter who the shooter is.”

    Tell that to the guy who came in last at a shooting match.

    “The end results is all the same…”


    “… yet we have gun right supporters who continue to concentrate on demonizing the shooter instead of the weapon itself.”

    So when I lose at a shooting match or miss that nice buck, I can blame the gun? But the gun always accomplishes what it sets out to do, so I shouldn’t have to go out hunting, or attend the shooting match– My guns should take care of those things all by themselves.

    So we should never prosecute anyone for armed robbery or murder. We should convict and punish the wayward weapon.

    Sarcasm or blithering stupidity? Who can tell? I could offer a third choice though; cultural brainwashing. One’s brain need not be damaged for that to occur. For that to be insightful sarcasm, you see, there has to be the ridiculous assertions to make fun of in the first place, and we know that to be the case and that such assertions do have an effect.

    Therefore I’ll say that it doesn’t matter one way of the other. The statement, ridiculous as it is, is an accurate depiction of the anti-gun front of the war that the Progressive movement (the criminal class) is waging against liberty, whether or not the person making the statement believes it.

    So there you have it; you need not ponder the question because it is irrelevant.

    And anyway, most of those who make up the anti gun slogans and ideas don’t believe that crap themselves. They only do it as a tactic, hoping that there will be some people who are frightened, angry or distracted enough to fall for it.

    Please; if you are not familiar with psychological operations and cultural warfare, then it would be well worth studying. The Soviets fairly well perfected it. Yuri Bezminov will explain it in detail, and Rules for Radicals is an excellent window into the Progressive mind. I also suggest anything written by Woodrow Wilson talking about the Progressive ideals, goals and tactics and his vision for the more perfect society. It’s all there for anyone to see. Dinesh D’Sousa’s movies are a fairly good primer, but that other stuff lays it all out in detail. Margaret Sanger would be another place to look to understand the lust for total power that is the authoritarian system we’re up against every day. Mind control plays a central role in all of it.

    By the way; There is a spider on your shoulder.

    See how that works? Oh, and your food is poisoning you, the air you breathe is toxic, your water contains heavy metals, and my political enemies are responsible for the bad weather which is probably killing you as you read this even though you’re not quite aware of it. And those little pains you’ve been having? Corporations. Your next-door neighbor probably wants to kill you and rape your girlfriend– Better hope he doesn’t get his hands on a gun. You cannot succeed in life because things are so unfair, and you need help just to even the playing field a little bit, but what you really need is reparations…

    It’s easy. Just keep beating that drum, and before you know it whole generations will have grown up hearing this shit, on TV, in school, on the job, in music, in movies, in the news. Every single person will be influenced by it to some degree, and they’ll be repeating it either in sarcasm or because they believe it to their core, but everyone will be familiar with it.

    Many will freak out and snap, which is a bonus. When you see idiotic shit like that quote you posted, understand that this is how it happens. It has been engineered and inculcated into the culture over many years.

    “Learn which common foods may be killing you. Details at eleven!”

    Welcome to the authoritarian system. Rule by fear, intimidation, anger and obfuscation. Plain old lust for power. It’s the only way it can survive. Maybe you have toenail fungus and body oder. Better worry…

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