Brady who?

The Brady Campaign released a YouTube video* last week. It was a statement following the shooting of the WDBJ reporter and photographer. It has been viewed 113 times. One of those was me. Probably a significant number of them were other pro-gun people who did not sympathize with Brady President Dan Gross’s message.

113 viewings? Even every person who viewed it donated $20 it wouldn’t cover the cost of production. And even if all 113 people were convinced to vote for politicians who would advocate for more gun control the effect would be deep in the noise.

I posted a video of shooting at the steel match on Whidbey Island the day before Brady’s and it has 36 views so far. My video of the Marysville USPSA match two weeks ago has 87 views. Combined that’s 123 views and I don’t don’t have a staff and multi-hundred thousand dollar budget. I’m just a B-class pistol shooter and third tier blogger.

What does that make The Brady Campaign?

We are getting closer to seeing my dream come true.

* It is here if you really want to watch it.


12 thoughts on “Brady who?

  1. I’m subscribed to every anti-gun youtube channel, so I’m one of the viewers.

    Also you need to factor in that when this video dropped there was probably an email chain for all the unpaid board of directors, and unpaid interns to show off the work.

    So it is VERY possible that of those 113 not a single one is even remotely a promising lead….unless people like Joan Peterson cuts checks of her husband’s money to the organization for whom she (barely) works for.

  2. I don’t want to watch it from them because I don’t want to encourage them. I want them to slink off in disgrace like William Jennings Bryan after he was defeated by William McKinley after WJB’s THIRD run at the Presidency. Thinking about it, I’d like Hillary to do that, too.

    • Judging by their recent financial troubles, unpopularity of gun control in general, but popularity of Michael Bloomberg within that narrow circle (and I suspect he’s siphoning donors from all the usual suspects), and the ruling against their frivolous lawsuit in Aurora, I suspect they are knocking on death’s door.

      And I’m bettering when they file for bankruptcy Bloomberg will buy them because it would be a great front to push his personal agenda with an extra level of removal from his name because unlike his other orgs, he didn’t FOUND Brady Campaign.

      Also I wonder how many people even know who James and Sarah Brady are these days?

      • There’s also that Brady shuttering their doors would be bad PR.

        And really, who else would buy them?

    • Sorry, WJB’s third defeat was by Taft. And, he went to the Chautauqua circuit speechifyin’ and did pretty well financially, ending up as a really incompetent Secretary of State. Yes, the parallels are undeniable.

      • Sorry, I should have looked it up. Nothing destroys a good snark like a relatively minor factual error. Thanks for pointing it out. I remember an unflattering political cartoon of him from a book about the Presidents by a husband and wife team of authors with the last name of Durant written sometime after 1952 and before 1956.

        Wasn’t he in the Scopes trial opposing Clarence Darrow? The play and movie “Inherit the Wind” invented just about everything to reverse the import of the trial.

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