Quote of the day—Chris B.

My management tool of choice is public flogging.

Chris B.
August 27, 2015
[I work with some really fun guys. They are my kind of people.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chris B.

  1. Sign on the office wall: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

  2. Announcer: Tonight: “Family Classics” continues its second season, with Part II of the new Dickins novel Miles Cowperthwaite.

    [ dissolve to copy of book resting on tabletop ]

    Miles Cowperthwaite, by Charles Dickins. As told to Robert Louis Stevenson and Rafael Salbatini.

    [ hand turns book to first page ]

    Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “The wretched birth, miserable childhood, agonizingly painful adolescence, and appallingly vile and degrading death of Miles Cowperthwaite.
    Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “Having had no seafaring experience, I was surprised at how different the life of a sailor was from what I had imagined. Our day began at dawn, where, after a hearty breakfast, we had punishment ’til lunchtime. After lunch, there was more punishment ’til dinner. After dinner, we would pull up anchor and sail for an hour, then drop anchor again for soem verbal humiliation, followed by evening punishment. I imagine that the crew is quite used to it, for in all my rounds with the ship surgeon, Dr. Pierce, I never once heard a man complain.”

    [ Miles follows Dr. Pierce during one of his rounds ]

    Miles Cowperthwaite: Sir? I was thinking, wouldn’t we make better progress if we was under sail 14 hours a day, and had punishment only two hours a day, instead of the other way ’round?

    Dr. Pierce: Miles, my boy, you have much to learn. Wihout strict discipline, we’d have mutiny on this ship.

  3. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you all were advocating the authoritarian system.

    There are of course two kinds of “authority”; the real kind and the fake kind. The real kind leads by inspiration of cooperation, and “disciplinary action” is necessarily rare because it is the result of having an authoritarian (the fake kind) in the midst who needs correction so he doesn’t poison the inspiration of others. It is the authority of enlightenment.

    The fake kind “leads” via threats, violence and terror, wherein “disciplinary action” is constant as it must prevent the rise of the insurrection that is discernment and inspiration. It exists to keep people in the dark.

    Each system is easily poisoned by the other.

    So I went and ruined your joke. Sorry.

    • It’s funny because it so absurd. My boss talks to me, maybe, once a week.

      Chris is a project manager on one of my projects and I think he made this comment because he was experiencing some frustration with someone on another team.

      • I know it was a joke, but you know me– I’m often overly serious to the point of being a stick-in-the-mud.

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