Why you should never shoot a gun

It totally ruins them

Hat tip; Uncle

That’s what I envision whenever people speak of shooting their guns. Why would you even think of shooting a perfectly good gun on purpose?

I fire mine a lot, I’ve shot a few deer and a lot of cans and bottles and other things, but I’ve never shot a gun.

It may annoy some people, but I find the fact that words mean things to be both convenient and comforting. If I seem over-zealous at times, that is the reason why– I LIKE words to mean things, and I like them to mean the same things in the future as they did in the past. The trend of course is something else.


7 thoughts on “Why you should never shoot a gun

  1. Warning: war story follows. In Southwest Africa (Namibia) a Lt Eastemann, one of my Platoon Commanders, shot a gun. It was a Chinese AKM, and Lt Eastemanns 7.62 NATO FAL round went straight through the receiver and kilt the SAWPO terr on the other side just as dead as a hammer. I commended him on his marksmanship. So I would suggest a slight modification to your rule, to wit; Never shoot a gun, unless there’s a communist on the other side that really needs to be kilt, and right now. Just a suggestion.

    • Noted. Thank you;
      “Never shoot a gun you do not intend to destroy, or unless there’s a communist, criminal, et al, behind it.”

      So likewise, plenty of artillery has been taken out by other artillery, etc.

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  3. How many guns do you have left, if you’re *ahem* firing them all the time?

  4. Gentlemen, please do we have to fight? Of course, I can only call you gentlemen because you own land, right?

  5. Lyle,
    If you really want to get somebody worked up, next time they say “Can I use/borrow/speak to you etc, tell them, “I don’t know if you CAN but you MAY” Like you I believe that words mean things and that line is always worth a good chuckle.

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