YA beta-readers needed

I’m looking for a few guys in the 12-18 age range to be beta-readers for my new book. It’s basically done, but I can always use more input. If you are (or know) a YA male who is looking for a story about a young man doing adventurous things without a lot of angsty naval-gazing or silly romance garbage, but with more independent / libertarian themes than most current offerings, head on over to The Stars Came Back for details.



5 thoughts on “YA beta-readers needed

  1. I’d sign my nephew up for this except, in the words of General Faversham in “The Four Feathers”, I’m too old and the boy’s too young.

    • The language is clean, no sex or nudity, not much violence, language is simple. The target market is 12-18, but there isn’t anything there that is grossly inappropriate for a somewhat younger reader if they like ideas, not just action. I’m likely going to let my 9 YO read it soon, FWIW.
      The ideas might well appeal to an older reader, too.
      YMMV and all that.

    • 🙂
      Most of us were.
      But I’d like to see how an actual current 12-18 year old human bean would like it. I know I like it, and I’m a tad past 18 these days, but my life experience isn’t what theirs is.

  2. Give it a spin on Ace’s Sunday Morning Book Thread. I’ve seen other authors make a similar call from time to time, and they later report good feedback.

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