The Insidious Semantics of “Gun Control”

I was taking care of my backlog of unread email and found The Insidious Semantics of “Gun Control” from JPFO. Here is part of it:


“Gun Control” advocates fall into only two categories: the Liars and the Ignorant. There is no third category.

The Liars invent the lies. The Ignorant believe the lies and repeat them.

“Gun Control”: This is the “big daddy”, the cornerstone, the very foundation of the gun prohibitionists’ deceptive artifice. The phrase, on first hearing, sounds innocuous. After all, why wouldn’t people carefully “control” their firearms?

“Personal Arsenal”: This is owning anything over two guns. Two guns is “Multiple Weapons”.

A “Weapons Cache”: This seems to be three or more guns. A “Hidden Weapons Cache” means you don’t leave your guns on the kitchen table all day long.

A “Stockpile of Ammunition” is anything over twenty rounds of any caliber. It’s really a “stockpile” if you have several calibers in your “cache”. That makes you a “Survivalist” or a “Militia Member”.

There is more but the above is what jumped out at me.


7 thoughts on “The Insidious Semantics of “Gun Control”

  1. I love the part about “Common Ground”.

    How come every time “Common Ground” is established, it’s on the “Gun Control” side? Why don’t they ever have to find “Common Ground” on our side?

    • We’ll assume that you know very well the answer and you’re just making a point with the question.

      “Common Ground” is established when anyone agrees with a Progrerssive/communist/authoritarian. Therefore it is not possible to have “Common Ground” with an advocate of liberty unless said advocate abandons his principles, in which case he is no longer an advocate of liberty. QED.

      • Au contraire Lyle…I may “agree” with that said person. What I believe and do would be different, above person would be in the dark to my real feelings and beliefs.
        Why play all my cards when said person doesn’t really need to know.

  2. ““Gun Control” advocates fall into only two categories: the Liars and the Ignorant.”

    I’ve always used “the perpetrators and the duped” but that works too. Actually, and this I think is where Joe and I have several times been at least slightly at odds, it is not so cut and dried. Just like with bullies and cowards, in which case every bully is a coward before greater bullies and every coward is a bully before weaker cowards, so too it is with liars and the ignorant (or perpetrators and the duped). Every perpetrators is a dupe, and every dupe goes on to perpetrate. It’s a hierarchy, or a “chain of command” as Roy Masters put it. Tolkien hit upon the concept when, in his Lord of the Rings epic he put in that even “Sauron himself” was but a servant of a greater evil.

    So there; maybe Joe and I never did disagree, really. His point has always been that there are perfectly good, honest and decent people out there who believe in some kind of authoritarianism, particularly with regard to guns. I will herein officially agree, but they are therefore dupes. Where this or that “perfectly nice person” fits on the hierarchy I cannot begin to judge, nor is it my place to do so.

    • If you read my post carefully you will note that I neither agreed nor disagreed with the material from JPFO.

      This was intentional.

  3. I think it is the “Haves” and the “Have Nots” is what they actually want.

    The (secret) police, military, and security services are all armed to the teeth and the citizen (err…slaves) are totally disarmed. We can only trust an agent of the state because they are authorized by the state to do its bidding and if that is the rounding up Christians, Libertarians, Republicans, Patriots, and so on, well, the people in charge know best. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Ugh!

    Have we not had enough death and destruction caused by the totalitarian ideologies of the Nazis, the Socialists, the Communists, and the muslims?

    The only gun control they recognize is keeping the weapons from those that can resist them. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant. The Second Amendment trip wire is taunt and ready to snap. Best to step away from the abyss, control-freaks.

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