Grove of the Patriarchs

After our unexpected adventure on Saturday we took it a lot easier on Sunday morning.

We hiked the Grove of the Patriarchs Loop in the Mount Rainier National Park. It’s less than 1.5 miles and has about 50 feet of elevation gain. And the trail is wide and flat:


The trees, while no match for Sequoias or Redwoods, were pretty cool. Some were 1000+ years old.


As is usual in much of Western Washington there was a lot of moss:


There was a cute little bridge to cross:


And much of the trail was what we considered “just about our level” after the previous day of exertion:


This was kind of interesting. A bunch of little trees growing out of an old fallen tree:


I’m 6’ 3” so this gives you a little bit of scale for some of the trees:


This is Barb pretending to be a starfish in the same tree:


It was a pleasant hike with nothing particularly dramatic to see and a low probability of another “unexpected adventure”.


6 thoughts on “Grove of the Patriarchs

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    • Dammit, beat me to it. Need to throw a “rape culture” in there somewhere, though.

      • *#$&*^$%(!!!! How could I forget the rape culture!!!!!???

        I shouldn’t added Something, something, microaggressions, something.

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        • SHOULD HAVE. Should’ve added. F*ck it, I quit. I’m going drinking.

    • So when does the NOPOCDD (National Organization of Pissed Off Communist Diesel Dikes) sue to get the name changed?

  2. The fallen giant with the seedlings is called a “nurse log” – and yes, they are pretty cool!

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