Case prep

I thought mine was getting complicated and expensive. Actually it’s complete ammunition manufacturing.

The guy giving us the tour obviously isn’t a hand loader, is he?

So anyway; you want a complete home loading facility, it would look something like that. The QA alone is quite an impressive operation.

I’d need a rather larger spare bedroom than the one I currently use for reloading.

Hat tip; Sipsey


3 thoughts on “Case prep

    • OK then. I did not know that a person could be a hand loader, not know what annealing is for (to the point of not editing the video with a correction even), and refer to completed cartridges as “bullets”, so I’ve learned something today.

      Sometimes I wonder whether I should bother at all, or if it would be best to step aside and surrender the culture and the world to the most ignorant. This week I had a guy (a “gunsmith” as I would have expected) get all up I’m my face on the phone telling me how my product, which has become a standard in the industry, sold millions of dollars worth, and has been out in the field and ranges for sixteen years, would not work. He didn’t have to try it or read the instructions or talk to any of the tens of thousands of users who use it– he “knew” it wouldn’t work. He was insulted too, that we would try to pass off something like that ON HIM when it clearly was not going to work, and then have him “pass that off” to his customer.

      I think I’m going to take a break for a while.

      • Lyle, he put in a text box about annealing.

        That and the ‘bullets’ thing I put down as him still not as experienced in front of the camera and maybe a language thing at the location. (ie. That is what they were saying, so don’t upset your host by correcting them.)

        But about that ‘gunsmith’, you can’t fix stupid. 😀

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