We need more of this

Via a post of Alan Andrews on Facebook we have Davenport employer offers cash bonus to conceal carry:

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Getting paid extra, to carry a firearm.

A local attorney said he is giving his employees a $50 bonus each month if they choose to conceal carry.

Not only does this help normalize the carry of firearms it probably is going to induce aneurisms in the anti-gun crowd.

We need more of this.


2 thoughts on “We need more of this

  1. Well, all political considerations, normalization, and aneurisms aside, it makes sense as a purely practical matter. It is an exchange of money for services.

    The point has been made several times in the past, but it is worth repeating. Those who carry regularly are providing a service, free of charge, to society at large. We pay for all our own equipment and training, range fees, ammo, et al, as we provide a layer of security not only for ourselves but for everyone else. Everyone else, that is, but criminals and those who sympathize, or have an emotional bond, with criminals.

    And also, once again and forever and always, THAT is why we are hated.

  2. Be interesting to see how many, if any, establishments follow their lead, now that the ice has been figuratively broken.

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