Inverse Markley’s Law

Via email from Toastrider we have this:


For some reason I haven’t been able to find any commercially available ammo. It must be that a high demand for it hoovered the shelves like a lot of the other ammo. This would appear to be consistent with the abundance of large rifle ammo, moderate availability of .223 ammo, and scarcity of .22 ammo. Thus I claim we have proof that if the size of a gun is inversely related to penis size then the caliber of the gun owning man in this country is much larger than average.


6 thoughts on “Inverse Markley’s Law

  1. Yikes. .10 caliber? What’s that good for, assassinating rogue mosquitoes?

    • It would be good on large spiders at least. Maybe OK on mice, with really good shot placement.

      I wonder if recoil is “stout, but manageable”.

      • The hardest recoiling gun I have is the NAA mini-revolver, when loaded with high velocity 22 LR. So yes, I could believe “stout”.

  2. In response to Oleg:

    I started to wonder about the purpose of that tiny knife in your picture. But that reminded me of “Gates of Fire” — a book I highly recommend, by the way — and a scene in which a Persian soldier, speaking to one of the Spartans who will soon fight at Thermopylae, is incredulous at the short (18-inch) swords the Spartans carry. How on earth can you fight with such toys, he asked? The Spartan goes chest-to-chest with him and answers, smiling: “The trick is to get nice and cozy.”

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