You never know

Sometimes you know a blog post or tweet will get some attention. I expected the days of effort I put into the Smart Gun stuff would get some attention and it did. Other times something I put a few seconds into gets attention which I didn’t expect it all.

Today I went to a Steel Challenge match at Renton Fish and Game Club. I tweeted about how wet it was after the days of rain we have had around here. No one seemed to care and I didn’t expect anyone would.

Expected a similar non-reaction when I tweeted:

Interesting. There were three people that made it a favorite and two retweeted it. The combined followers of the people that retweeted is over 40,000 people.

You just never know how must attention something you say or do is going to get.


3 thoughts on “You never know

  1. Well, the way you wrote that makes one of us seem to have as larger audience than we do … 1700 of my followers and 38.9K of Glenn’s.

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