National Institute of Justice smart gun report

In my continuing journey into become an expert on “smart guns” I offer you this report from the National Institute of Justice (original document here). I’ve read the first 25 pages of the nearly 100 page document (with 10 pages of footnotes).

The title is “A Review of Gun Safety Technologies”. I haven’t found anything really new to me in it yet. And there is certainly no technology that I would be comfortable having a government mandate even if I didn’t have some strong free market principles to overcome.


One thought on “National Institute of Justice smart gun report

  1. Quite apart from the obvious fact that the government can’t be trusted in this area, there is a bigger point. There are at least three separate Constitutional reasons why the government is absolutely prohibited from making ANY mandate about gun technology, period. It doesn’t matter what it does or what benefits it has, the Constitution forbids it. Article 1 Section 8 does, the 2nd Amendment does, and the 9th Amendment does. Oh yes, and the 10th Amendment.

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